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The husband killed the wife and was threw out from a window

Spouses made impression of a good family

About the tragedy played on Saturday in one of apartments of the house 29 along the street Gerasimenko, remind the window veiled by a bed-sheet on the fourth floor, the splinters of glass scattered on a lawn, and clotted blood drops on a grass.

- There even the yard keeper is afraid to go, - has shared with correspondents the elderly man sitting on a bench near an entrance from the back party of the house. - and I too. Though I all saw the eyes. On Saturday where - that at half past five evenings we here with the neighbour sat. We hear: glass fell down, and then a bump. Have turned back: in bushes this guy lies. All in blood. When Fast has arrived, it was still live. Then the militia on a fire-escape got into apartment.

As have informed in a press - the centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Mingorispolkom, in apartment thrown out from a window 28 - the summer manager of one of capital firms with seven getting knife wounds of a chest the corpse of his wife who are in a maternity leave on care with the child has been found out. By employees of criminal investigation department it is established that in 17. 20 between spouses there was a quarrel in which result the husband has killed the wife, and itself was threw out from a window. It seems that before a jump it and has struck a knife in a stomach. To kill itself to it, however, it was not possible. The guy with getting koloto - rezanym wound of a belly cavity, cranial - a brain trauma and plural rezanymi body wounds is hospitalised.

About causes of the tragedy law enforcement bodies prefer to be silent. Do not know what to tell about happened and neighbours.

- Such good family was. For a long time are married, - have told to us of the woman at an entrance. - two children at them. Always together. By the car it carried them. And that evening the senior boy - it only this year has gone to the first class - on street have sent, the girl - to it year and nine months - the neigbour from the fifth floor on a ladder has found also visors to itself. He, probably, before to jump, a daughter has deduced from apartment and has closed behind it a metal door.