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In business - the new suspect

the Militia says about Vitebsk explosions that the guy has a similarity to an identikit

On Thursday, on October, 5th, in a temporary detention facility of the Department of Internal Affairs of Vitebsk regional executive committee is placed 23 - summer inhabitant Zhodino Paul Krasovsky, the active worker of not registered organisation Young front . A day before it the search has been conducted in its apartment. Police officers have withdrawn printed matter, disks, the system block of the computer. Law enforcement officers motivated the actions by that Paul is similar to one of the suspects which identikits have been made according to eyewitnesses of explosions. Information that in Krasovsky`s apartment any explosives or components for their manufacturing are found out, did not arrive.

the Lawyer of Paul Krasovsky Pavel Sapelko has told that charge is not shown its client, on the case of Vitebsk explosions it is the suspect. In IVS Krasovsky as the arrested person can be about ten days. Vitebsk friends of Paul have tried to pass on October, 6th it products and means of personal hygiene, but transfer in IVS have not accepted. With themselves Paul at the moment of detention had only five packs of cigarettes and a few meal - everything that the lawyer has had time to buy to it.

we Will remind, on September, 14th, 2005 an improvised explosive device, prikopannoe on a bed, has blown up in Vitebsk at a trolleybus stop. Have suffered the fellow - the student and young mum. On September, 22nd to bank with nails, details from hours, metal balls and other iron stuff also have dug in a bed on a favourite place of youth parties - in city centre. When this jar, the bill the wounded man has jerked has gone on tens. 39 persons with traumas of different severity level have been hospitalised, about fifty licked bruises and scratches it is out-patient.


that was in a pre-trial detention centre, it would be desirable to forget simply

Versions about the one who could put an explosive in Vitebsk streets, the set was put forward. The loony - the single, hooligans, the skinheads, conflicting criminal groupings, enemies of the people... On suspicion in fulfilment of explosions it has been detained about thirty persons. Data on persons of some of them have filtered into the press. Brothers Vitaly and Yury Murashko became men of the hour then. Under suspicion they have got because their late father when - that worked in a workshop on repair of hours and on an old Soviet habit perhaps it is useful has brought in the house of details from a watch and alarm clocks. Brothers have been arrested on September, 30th, in October it had been brought accusation. In a pre-trial detention centre Vitaly and Yury were till March, 31st. Now brothers on freedom, but on - former pass on the case of explosions as accused. Business in court is not passed yet.

- I think, and will not be passed, because we are not guilty, so, and proofs to bring the matter into court, the consequence will not find! - Yury Murashko is assured. After it has spent in a pre-trial detention centre half a year, life not at once, but nevertheless has entered into a normal track.

- In the beginning some of friends and acquaintances have really believed that we have made it. But then they have understood that we with the brother in what are not guilty. Now we are fine. And that was in a pre-trial detention centre, it would be desirable to forget simply...