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The old woman has dropped out from the fifth floor

But it managed to grasp a handrail and to hold on 15 minutes before arrival of rescuers

the Call on a supervisory console Vitebsk PASO the Hero has arrived in the evening, ten minutes of the eleventh. remove the old woman from a balcony! - the uneasy voice demanded. and what your old woman does on a balcony? - the dispatcher has asked. hangs! - the person on that end of a wire has told.

the Old woman on a balcony of one of houses along the street Lazo as it has appeared, not absolutely hung. She, more likely, sat astride a handrail in an open shutter of the glazed balcony, convulsively having seized hands a frame. One foot babuli dangled outside, another it, as well as hands, clung to a balcony, in any second risking to lose balance. When rescuers have come tearing along in a court yard, there neighbours with a coverlet already fussed - were going to catch the grandmother if it, God forbid, falls. To fighters the Hero by the way, it was necessary to show considerable sharpness to establish an autoladder - all space before the house it has been occupied by the parked private cars. The driver could not put forward up to the end metal " at all; paws which give to a special equipment stability.

On an autoladder to the old woman who sat on a balcony in one nightgown, rescuer Sergey Sidorenko has got. The impression was such that he was in time last second. As soon as Sergey has touched to babule, its fingers were unclenched, and it a bag has fallen to the rescuer to hands. Downwards on an autoladder the old woman have decided not to drag - Sidorenko has simply accurately replaced it through a handrail to a balcony. Then rescuers have opened a door in apartment and suffered ambulance surgeons have examined. Physicians have found only a few grazes at the grandmother and have made to it calming prick.

As has explained 69 - the summer old woman, it has risen on a balcony on a stool to hang up pure shtorku. One foot has leant about a handrail. And here the stool under it has swayed, babulja has lost balance and it has appeared astride a handrail. She has stayed in such position about fifteen minutes.

Babulja as it was found out, lives one. From the house does not leave. Products to it are brought by the social worker and the unique neigbour with which the grandmother is on friendly terms. It does not communicate with other neighbours. At an entrance know about babule only that she is the former prisoner of fascist camps, and two her sons live abroad. Anybody from neighbours to whom it was not possible to communicate, could remember at all, what is her name. And some have seen for the first time the grandmother, only when it was removed from a balcony by rescuers...

When I have knocked at a door to the heroine of day and have suggested babule to pass through our newspaper some kind words to rescuers, she has refused rather categorically:

- I do not want! - also has slammed doors...