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Alexander Gajduk became the teleproducer

the Husband of the singer has bought the rights to an announcement in Belarus of the channel “ MuzTV “

this week at Aleksandry Gajduk there was, seemingly, an abrupt turn in career. Even two if to consider its participation in a show casting “ Dance all! “ on the channel the HARMONY and an exit in the ending (about it we in detail wrote show in yesterday`s number).

the Second turn has appeared where more abruptly - the singer became the general producer of almost own channel “ BelMuzTV “. As it was found out, her husband, businessman Alexander Ivans, has bought the rights to an announcement in Belarus the popular Russian channel “ MuzTV “. Ivanov`s interest to this business is not casual - in - the first, he is a producer four years itself to Alexander, and two years ago has been recognised by the best producer of Belarus and has received award BT.

In the Minsk cable networks “ BelMuzTV “ has appeared in the beginning of October. In its couple of weeks can look in Minsk and spectators “ Space - TV “ and after New year cable networks on all country will accept from the companion a signal not Russian “ MuzTV “ and Belarus “ BelMuzTV “.

- We will go by principle ONT, i.e. we will replace in due course the Russian programs with the, - has shared the producer plans. - the announcement will be round-the-clock. We think at night to put feature films, in the afternoon - music, serials, animated cartoons and entertaining programs of own manufacture. At us has gathered on - to the present a strong team of professionals, now just there is a work on scenarios. We will not invent a bicycle - there is a possibility to buy the licence for any programs or to create the by analogy. For example, we will have a program made under the Russian scheme, but the people living in our country will participate in it: The girl was thrown by the guy, she wants it to return, and TV program helps it - transforms it into the perfect princess, arranges a supper at candles with favourite.

in general, problems with entertaining shows, according to Gajduk, no. Children - " will be captured even; mini - Miss Universe “ Anastas Nikiforova it is already invited in conducting “ สเ๋๛๕เํ๊i “.

And here with what of a problem so it with musical filling - catastrophically does not suffice qualitative clips of the Belarus stars. Having rung round colleagues on a scene, Sasha has hardly typed ten rollers: on two clips Afanasevoj, Agurbash and “ Ljapisov “ one - Bjanki, pair of clips of young teams. The own clip filmed and on quality of a picture rather worthy, Gajduk has decided not to put in an aether essentially - she wants to be only the producer.

- That it will not be exact on the channel so it is competitions of actors of type “ the Silver record player “ - notices Alexander. - the only thing that we will do, is an award “ BelMuzTV “ with the assistance of the Russian and Belarus stars.

Who becomes the person of the channel while it is shrouded in mystery, but it will be exact not Gajduk - her have invited as the leader to the glamour project “ Figures “ on the First (were BT). By the way, it is not simple a hobby - two years ago the singer has left in Moscow television school “ Ostankino “. The master - the class to it was taught by the well-known Igor Kirillov and Anna Shatilova.