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The Kupalovsky theatre could be at a stop Big wheels

Actually this year at kupalovtsev two anniversaries. The history of theatrical collective which is called today as National theatre of a name of Yankee Kupaly 85 years ago has reckoned. But a building, in which all these years (without four military years when kupalovtsy worked in evacuation in Siberia) it works troupe, it has been constructed 115 years ago. It is not known, what date is more important for theatre, after all out of the building kupalovtsy do not think of existence. Though...

theatre wanted transfer to park Bitter

Kupalovsky theatre quite it could to appear not in city centre in the street Engels, and absolutely in other place. Variants of building Kupalovsky were considered time and again and quite seriously.

- In the beginning 70 - h we even went where - that to look breadboard models of a new building for theatre, - theatre director Nikolay Kirichenko remembers. - offered also different places for its building. 8 Martha, about a platform in park Bitter where now there are attractions and the Big wheel was a question of the area. There was even a project on which the new theatre should be under construction on... An old place. That is the building of city theatre constructed in 1890, wanted to take down, and on the same place to erect the new. For what reason all these projects including last, the most barbarous, were not carried out, it is not known.

One more attempt to move theatre from a building along the street Engels have undertaken... Its hottest admirers. More correctly, fans. About ten years ago, just when the forced Palace of Republic was completed, at theatre there were ladies who stuck to actors with the request to sign the reference to the president. In it it was said that the theatre exists “ In heavy working conditions “ that the old theatre is small and close, therefore kupalovtsam it is necessary to occupy a Palace of Republic. Movable by the most good intentions, ladies could not understand, why cannot receive any signature under the reference.

Beaten glass under a floor improves a sound

Actually an ancient building for theatre - not simply habitual and favourite platform. It - an original talisman, in itself storing is a lot of secrets. Anyway, from public. The theatre was under construction on public money. Their not only rich merchants, but also simple townspeople gave. About twenty years ago the unique book was still stored in theatre archive - huge thick grossbuh in which all offerings on building were brought. The merchant such - that has bought so much - that of nails, the petty bourgeois such - that has offered 10 roubles. Alas, but today this book in theatrical archive do not find.

But unique jacks are stored under auditorium. In an orchestra pit is even special dverka through which it is possible to get to a theatrical underground. However, jacks do not operate, and hundred years ago from auditorium armchairs were cleaned and the hall floor rose, was not levelled yet with scene level. So the governor of Minsk arranged city balls. And today the top point of auditorium which goes under an inclination to a scene, coincides with stage level. Here only anybody at theatre any more does not arrange balls.

And here acoustics in a hall was saved practically in all magnificence from the date of theatre construction. Kupalovsky actors are envied by all capital colleagues working in others of theatre. From a scene the whisper said in the depth of a scene fine reaches spectators even. However, speak, acoustics all - taki has a little suffered after major repairs in 70 - h. Workers assorted a scene and a floor in a hall and have taken out not one car... Beaten bottle glass.

every evening being reflected in mirrors Radzivillov

Furniture from Nesvizhsky lock Radzivillov, the library, services, lamp-stands, the weapon - appears, all it has been transported in theatre when in Nesvizhe equipped sanatorium instead of residence of the Belarus magnates. Alas, but today almost anything from this mammon it was not saved. Unless a red sofa, which “ plays “ in “ Romule Great “ remembers the nesvizhskoe the past. Yes mirrors in which in foyer kupalovskie spectators every evening are looked, reflected still representatives of a great Belarus sort.

the Photo - and filming - not to good

Any theatre keeps on traditions, legends, even prejudices. But is and it is exclusive kupalovskie, which “ spread “ still great kupalovskie old men. For example, Zdislav Stomm very zealously watched, that at theatre nobody … nibbled sunflower seeds. The sign bad - spectators will not be, so also gathering.

On a broader scale old men were strict improbably. Leonid Rahlenko was the adherent “ the dry law “. God forbid to get to it, having drunk a beer glass even if you are not occupied in the evening in performance. Rahlenko arranged the test for alcohol: started sincere conversation, priobnjav on - fatherlike for a shoulder: “ My dear, tell, please … “ the Scent at it was magnificent so payment was inevitable.

Well and about twenty years ago all beginners in troupe passed baptism of fire in performance “ Λώδη³ on balotse ”. In performance almost all actors have been occupied. In a scene of a wedding feast in the most unexpected for devoted in kupalovtsy contents of not less than forty wine-glasses poured out. Though instead of vodka in wine-glasses there was a water, but it is not less half of bucket. The young actor endured shock considerable, and spectators noticed nothing - “ a victim “ in advance sat down a back to auditorium. Was considered that the one who has not taken place this baptism or as - that him has shirked, at theatre will not be late. By the way, so it also left more often.

And still kupalovtsy very much do not like to speak about the forthcoming premiere in advance. Disapprovingly concern cameras on rehearsals. And God forbid to you to congratulate somebody on a premiere before the curtain will be closed.