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To soldiers - srochnikam will cut down holidays

So the Ministry of Defence plans to raise alertness of military units

Now the private soldier release home for 20 days, and the sergeant and the foreman - on 25. Besides in the form of encouragement to the good soldier prolong appointment with native for some days. With such holiday it is possible not only to clear up well, but also the bride harmonous to find. But the raspberry will soon end.

the Ministry of Defence raises alertness and discipline in army. This time by means of reduction of soldier`s holidays. Now the possible amendment to the legislation consider in the House of Representatives.

- Service life not such big - from a year till one and a half years, - the chairman of the Commission on national security Anatoly BELOSHEVSKY explains the reasons of changes in the law. - the Soldier release home almost for the whole month. Besides after holiday it passes adaptation in a military part and consequently some more weeks have not control over the weapon. It turns out, month of holiday pulls behind itself some more weeks of defective service.

When the amendment to the law will be countenanced by members of parliament, holidays will be reduced in times. The private soldier who ministers one and a half year, will go home for 10 days. The sergeant and the foreman - on 15. The soldier, ministering year, will receive only 5 days of holiday.

Fortunately, nobody cancelled dismissals. For worthy performance on the morning performance, the first place at competitions or faultless performance of the fighting task the commander can lower the private soldier for part limits for some days. Under the law the good soldier can go to dismissals though every week.