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Have left to walk and have not returned

the Minsk militia searches three schoolgirls

Photos of sisters Oksana and Natasha Giro and their girl-friend Tani Baking uveshen for all city and adjoining territories. About them tells television. However, the occasion to pleasure for children at parents is not present. Girls are put on the wanted list as missing persons.

- the Statement for disappearance of sisters of Giro and Baking Tatyana in militia has arrived on October, 5th, - has told Michael Jurchenko, operupolnomochennyj branches of search work of department of criminal investigation department Factory RUVD. - According to parents, girls the day before have not come to spend the night home. With Tanej of the sister have got acquainted all one month ago and since then were unseparable. And parents have with each other got acquainted only after disappearance of daughters. We have interrogated parents, schoolmates and have established that girls, we will tell so, not angels. Sisters Giro, for example, from the beginning of academic year at school appeared seldom. That were ill, inquiries forged... From here and friction in a family concerning study. But at me it was not created impressions that in a family not especially went too far in respect of education. Happens and is worse. Nevertheless, we have data that they thoroughly gathered in races - borrowed at friends money, with itself have taken bags with things... Why they have left the house? It will be precisely possible to respond to this question only after we will find them. I hope, it happens in the nearest future.

Oksana has very much changed for a summer

has gone in 25 - uju a grammar school. Here both sisters Giro one year ago studied. Senior only this year has passed in other school.

- At us at all shock. Though girls more often did not see at lessons, - Tatyana DYMKOVA has told the director of a grammar school. - Conflicts in classes were not. Each of sisters had a circle of contacts. If lessons came to an end at various times, girls, without waiting each other, went home not together. In the beginning of September Oksana`s class teacher was at their place, told that apartment at a family good, recently have bought the computer. There is a sensation that they wanted to punish parents, have thought up such way, and now do not know how to return...

We have come and to Oksana`s schoolmates. Children in eager rivalry told about the schoolmate.

- Communicated with Oksana?

- Is not present!!! - the class has rustled. - she has kept away from us.

- this year it had any companies with which to it it was more interesting. Has seen in the summer, hardly has learnt, - it was possible to hear a remark of the girl on the first school desk. - with a cigarette in teeth. It has pretended that me does not know.

- you did not offend her?

- Is not present that you!

- I long - long shared the same desk with it. However, it did any mucks to me. Will pinch, happens, - has told Jan Rudik.

- And to write off Oksana gave?

- to Write off? - The amicable laughter was distributed. - study for it not the most important thing.

- She as - that on English has not bought the textbook and the whole year without it went.

- And who shared with it the textbook?

- Anybody, she at all did not ask.

- you wait for its returning?

already uncontrollable noise Here has begun. From different directions children shouted.

- Let studies, but not in our class. Has strongly changed for a summer.

- Is not present, has changed, when it had a stepfather.

- Mum has married recently, before it was normal.

- She to you told about the problems, you as - that supported it?

- As it to support, recently it all kept away and kept away. This year it almost did not see.

- And still the senior Natasha came to borrow money to the former schoolmates. And Oksana has told to mum that she has dinner, and took money for dinners, and actually did not go to a dining room.


If something is known to you about a site of girls, Factory RUVD Minsk asks to call by phones:

240 - 29 - 49, 240 - 02 - 02, 8 - 0291 - 24 - 40 - 54.