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the president of Belarus
the tendency when the separate states in the CIS consider themselves as the states of the first grade Today was outlined.... They send notes with the offer to transfer the summit of the CIS approximately on the end of November. They where - that have together gathered, have thought and have decided that the summit needs to be transferred. We are ready to accept today - tomorrow in any place of Belarus this summit, but it is impossible so to arrive.

Alexander GRIGOROV,
the minister of sports and tourism
On the Olympic Games - 2008 in Beijing our national team should act better, than in Sydney - 2000 where 17 medals, from them three gold have been won. I do not say that is necessary there 20 or 21 medal. It is not professional. If not less than 17, it around 17 - 20 medals. Conditions in which will take place Games, will be heavy. The temperature will be from 38 to 45 degrees, a difference in time - six hours.
(in interview colour = cc3333 > Sergey MIHALOK,
the leader of group Ljapis Trubetsky
Byelorussians - very sexual nation. Here therefore to all of us also envy, and our state so gives a lot of attention to a human trafic question... Our national sex - a symbol should look, as Hlestov, to have a voice, as at Elfimova, and tone of conversation - as at the Minister of Internal Affairs. Yes, necessarily there should be moustaches - Byelorussians consider it very sexual.
(in interview Solidarity .)

the head physician of republican hospital of Administrative Department of the President
At the person holding high fast, burdened with the state problems, is not enough time to be engaged in the health... Therefore the problem of our establishment - to give to people who is invested by the big power and the big responsibility, to pass inspection in as much as possible fast terms and in as much as possible convenient conditions. It in interests of the nation and the state.
(in interview SB .)

Vasily HROL,
the deputy of the House of Representatives
the Interdiction for tobacco advertising should be entered not later than 2009. Why we cannot make it earlier? The CART to us for these thanks will tell. Let the pack of cigarettes costs, as in Europe - 5 euros. I think that young smokers not in a status will buy cigarettes at such price.
(in interview of BelaPAN.)