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On presentation Olga Barabanshchikovoj had tennis-player Natalia Zvereva

the Legendary sportswoman all the evening long has modestly staid in a corner

that the legend of the Belarus tennis will arrive to Minsk specially to support at an important point the kind friend, the younger girlfriend and there is colleague on a tennis court Olga Barabanshchikovu, we knew the day before. Natalia has arrived to Minsk one week prior to presentation of the first album of Olga Barabanshchikovoj Road to the sky in capital club the Millennium . But, considering big love Zverevoj to journalists and obstinate character of the tennis-player, we have not risked to be imposed.

- Somebody will prompt, where Natalia Zvereva?! - Why - that we searched in crowd of visitors for the scandalous young woman with any bright hairdress and - lja singer Pink and even were ready to see Natalia Zverevu driving to club in bandane at the wheel a Harley (When - that Zvereva told to journalists that is fond of motorcycles, heavy music and on a question some words about responded: provocation, provocation, provocation ) .

- Well, let us assume, it I, - have smiled not sorvigolova, and such typical Berlin gredhen in a green dress, a black jacket, with a modest black tail instead of bandany.

- Natalia?! - We were perplexed.

this evening, perhaps, you would not find More modest visitor, if even have walked on all night clubs of a city. While on a scene Olga Barabanshchikova in an hour has had time to replace time eight the dress - beginning from a white suit with cut eyes not to tear off jeans, the red dress in style latino reperskih jeans, a black vesper satiny dress, Natalia Zvereva modestly observed of the girlfriend.

Unique time when Zvereva has quickened and even has for a short while approached more close to a scene, there was a moment when to congratulate Olju Barabanshchikovu there was scandalous Eleonora Ezersky. In a gift Barabanshchikovoj it has handed over an antiquarian tennis racket of the beginning of the XX-th century. Zvereva has approvingly nodded. Has obviously noted a gift.

When the presentation came to an end, Zvereva has a little relaxed and even has danced. Here all of us - taki have snatched the moment and have approached to Natalia with a dictophone:

- Natalia, we understand that you do not like to communicate with the press...

- Why I do not love? We can talk to you about Olga. About myself I will not speak.

- And why?

- I Think, I not that person about whom will read.

- Well, directly - taki... Natasha why you modestly stand in a corner?

- I stand not in a corner, and there where it is convenient to me to observe of an event (having caught sight of our photographer, Zvereva has for fun shaken at it a fist). - I happen in Minsk two times year, each time when I come, I mark any positive changes. At me here it is a lot of friends. This time I have arrived for a week, specially for presentation to support Olju.

- Here Olja Barabanshchikova has left tennis, now searches for itself on a scene. And you, Natasha, did not think to start singing?

- Is not present, it`s nothing (laughs).

- Then, can, already have found sphere in which it is interesting to you to realise itself besides tennis?

- Yes, I think over it but while brag of something concrete I can not. Oli have a propensity to a scene, to sing, eat talent, and this talent it is necessary to support desire. Active support is necessary to it. I more modest, less public person. Therefore I ask you, questions will suffice.

As soon as the presentation has ended also with Barabanshchikova with Zverevoj could embrace shouts: Natasha! Olja! Natasha in a trice has evaporated from club. At parting the photographer has seen in an objective one more fist Zverevoj...


In 1988 absolutely still young Zvereva has reached the final the Wimbledon tournament, it has made furore in scales of all Union. To the sportswoman was only 17 years. After time of Zvereva became the first tennis-player who has dared to leave from - under custodies of Goskomsporta and the CPSU Central Committee, has started to travel about on the world itself. In different years Natalia entered into ten the strongest tennis-players of the world. In Minsk does not live very much for a long time.

Everything that the press knows today about Zverevoj, - interview which it though and it is rare, but gave about eight years ago. During any moment for not clear reasons Natalia sharply and without comments has declared to journalists boycott.

About present Natalia Zverevoj it is known a little: in Minsk there live her father Marat, in the past the trainer, mum, the brother, friends. Natasha lives in Berlin.