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How to list the rent, without leaving a hut

has tested bank services with which can use by means of a plastic card: SMS - banking, infokiosk,

Experts have counted up the payment terminal that on clearing settlements the state saves. It appears, nalichka flies to the country in kopeck and if to be exact - in 20 copecks. The state so much pays for one paper rouble. The correspondent too has decided to bring the contribution to well-being of nation and has tried to pay off by means of a card...

... In SHOP

On my card of money was not - all has removed in a cash dispense right after salaries. Therefore has rung round all relatives and friends with a question: you on a card have money? For work it is necessary to me. I will return cash... . Have refused almost all. It appears, not one I transport the salary in cash. But after all by means of a card it is possible not only to use a cash dispense! It is possible and to pay in purchase shop! Any percent for removal of cash!

with such thoughts I went to the supermarket nearest to the house. In a purse two cards VISA collected at economical acquaintances lay. A supermarket near the house I appreciate more than any newest hypermarket: sellers smile, turns in cash desks are not present, but there are cash desks with computers which read the goods price on a stroke - to a code. In such shop terminals for cards should be necessarily. But before to come into a trading floor, I nevertheless have decided to make sure, a leah it is possible to pay purchases for a card. Near cash desks announcements hung: MasterCard, Maestro, BelKart .

- Also it is all cards which you accept? - I ask the manager.

- Yes, only these. Show your card, - looking at two mine Visas the manager has only smiled. - alas, we accept cards VISA only one bank.

My cards absolutely have been inopportunely emitted by others, too very good banks. It is insulting.

- But you can remove cash in a cash dispense near shop, - the manager has advised. Thanks! But in a cash dispense not mine bank take percent - money which I could leave at you in shop.

it is surprising, on one of cards which lay in my purse, it is possible to pay off easily abroad - in shops there even percent do not take. And two steps away from the house I to it cannot use.

the Following time I have decided to pay off by a card in large department store. Has chosen stockings and has taken an interest: it is possible to pay For a card?

- Certainly, only the terminal in the next department. While you pay, I will just prepare your purchase.

Turns in the next department were not, so I have paid off for pair minutes and have come with the check behind stockings.

- By new year we will have terminals in all departments, - has told the seller. - recently even more often pay purchases for cards. If earlier only for large purchases paid off, now many even a trifle - lipstick, the cream, socks - pay for a card.

I too have dared At large purchase: I will pay - ka for a card air tickets. In travel agency where them reserved, I by phone have specified:

- By a card it is possible to pay off?

- And what card at you?


- There are no problems.

But it has appeared, problems are. When has come with the the Visa me have warned: it is necessary to pay in addition 3 % from cost of tickets. All the matter is that for payment without percent the card a class above - not VISA Electron, and VISA noclassic, for example is necessary. Tickets by a card have managed for 9 dollars more expensively, than for cash. Obidnee everything that after employees of bank have explained: percent from me had no right to take!


Before occurrence infokioskov ZHESu was during a time to write down me in malicious defaulters. A fine on fee of housing and communal services I paid every month. Because, looking at turns in bank, it was developed and left. For a week.

Infokiosk is the device similar to a cash dispense, only it always is established indoors bank. It is impossible to remove cash, but it is possible to pay for phone (both city, and mobile), apartment, gas, TV Space, the Internet and even the credit (if that has been given out in bank, infokioskom which you use).

For me personally the most difficult in using infokioskom - to find it in working order. Why - that in bank near my house the car more often podvisaet. But in bank near work infokiosk works regularly.

If use infokioskom for the first time, bring with itself in bank all bills (specified in zhirovke, in the credit contract and etc.) . After have inserted into the car a card and have typed pin - a code, choose, what exactly to you should be paid.

Infokiosk will ask phone number or an account number, specified in zhirovke, and there will be an information on that, how much you should. Especially conveniently so to pay credits. Infokiosk will give out all information: what you still had debt, how much you should pay this month, how much has been added percent and etc. to confirm payment enough, and the necessary sum from your card will be listed bank. Any turns, expenditure of time and nerves!

If you save all data about your abacus next time you should not enter in infokiosk numbers of your obverse, credit bills and phones - the car will remember them.


Progress has reached that for housing and communal services or mobile phone fee even to infokiosku it is not necessary to go. By means of a bank card and a mobile phone it is possible to transfer money, being in tens kilometres from the nearest bank.

It is very convenient. Present, you on a summer residence and here come esemeska: For non-payment your phone will be disconnected . You send esemesku - and all! Phone is paid! - has advertised SMS - banking the acquaintance.

But that SMS - banking has earned on your mobile phone, it is necessary to come at first to bank all besides infokiosku. In - the first to type and save all your data and bills. In - the second to register service.

I also have made it in last days off. Has inserted a card in infokiosk and has chosen on the screen SMS - banking . Has read the information on how to register service. And all! Unexpectedly infokiosk has given out: In infokioske the paper has ended. Check in SMS - bankinga is impossible .

It was necessary to study service in the theory. If in infokioske the paper has not ended, he would ask me to enter number of mobile phone. Then from a mobile phone it would be necessary to send esemesku short number (it is twisted from in what bank you are served) and to confirm sending in infokioske. To the answer to me would come esemeska with the access password to service. The same password on the check gives out infokiosk. It is ready!

By means of phone it is possible to check up, how much money remains on your card, how much you should for apartment, a home telephone number and TV Space. To pay esemeskoj it is possible a mobile phone, a home telephone number, TV Space, apartment.

For example, minchaninu to pay housing and communal services by means of a mobile phone, will enough send esemesku with the following text Oplata the password the sum of payment ZKH . And the apartment will be paid! It even is more convenient, than infokiosk. It is not necessary Not that to stand in a queue, even it is not necessary to come into bank.


SMS - banking works with phones of MTS and Velcom. The bank for this service of money does not take. To mobile operators you pay only for esemeski. The price same, as at sending usual SMS.