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Andrey KUNETS: I for days on end sing. Even when I do homework!

the participant children`s Eurovisions - 2006 studies on the seven

In the lift we rose together with a small asterisk - Andrey Kuntsom.

What handsome man! - any woman pulls out the boy on blond ringlets. - here you will see - it will be pleasant to all. All journalists will be thy. And operators too .

a press - conference has begun that we have listened to Andrey`s song about good morning mood from which he has defeated at selection competition the Song for Eurovisions .

- And how passes usually thy morning to an exit in school?

- Well.... I wake up, I rise, teeth I clean, I eat...

- And the song which you sing, is connected with thy internal mood?

- it is ordinary, - the participant children`s " admitted; Eurovisions .

- And what you would want, that about you have written newspapers?

- I not so obedient, obstinate, with sense of humour. I kind. And more I for days on end sing. Even when I do homework!

- I consider that with children it is impossible to lisp, - Svetlana Statsenko, Andrey Kuntsa`s art director speaks. - With them it is necessary to be strict. Children sometimes me name not Svetlana Adamovna, and Svetlana Vandammovna. But the severity brings good results.

What rules will be this year?

After national selection a song, it is impossible to change the participant. By rules of the small participant Eurovisions the adult necessarily accompanies. Organizers of competition should make efforts for creation of command spirit among children. Contacts to the press should not spoil to the child mood. Parents cannot be present on rehearsals at the children and to step on the stage.

Still organizers of competition should watch that young participants did not use in commercial objectives.

P. S. we Will remind that competition children`s the Eurovision - 2006 will pass on December, 2nd in Bucharest. But already on October, 17th there will be a toss-up which will define who at what number acts.