Rus News Journal

the Fireball will strike in the tenth time.

Journalistic tournament on bowling will collect record quantity of commands.

1 - on November, 3rd in Minsk will pass 10 - j anniversary tournament on bowling among mass-media the Fireball .

Initiators and organizers of tournament - Joint-Stock Company BelKP - the PRESS (the publisher of newspapers Komsomol truth in Belarus Va - bank ) And the Radio Alpha 107,9 FM. Tournament partners - company VELCOM and a network of salons of communication the Euronetwork . Tournament passes at home nursing of the Belarus federation of bowling.

Writing and removing conventual community with everyone new the Fireball types the boulingovuju force, multiplies quantity of strikes and visually shows to the fair people that in a healthy journalistic body - a sound mind.

the Fireball is the focal point of year for journalistic conventual community. After all tournament unites different mass media. And editions, radio stations, TV of channels and Internet portals becomes on a tournament path more and more. So it is a perfect occasion not only to see old friends, but also to get acquainted with new colleagues, even with competitors. However on a sports track all professional preferences leave aside, and journalists join uniform brotherly collective. Though, we will be fair: To divide all - taki will be that. Prizes will receive not only winners, but also those who can show itself and in other commands.

Looking at scope the Fireball in tournament have wanted to test itself and correspondents of regional cities. They are ready to throw down a challenge to any command, if only to prove that the bowling capital would be time for transferring from Minsk. But the Minsk journalists are assured of themselves. Trumps at them on hands. Tournament will pass in for a long time chosen bowling - the centre - Madison Klub . There all paths are adjusted for a long time, and air on - sports is electrified the Fireball .

Selection games will take place: on November, 1st and 2

Final game - on November, 3rd with 16. 00 to 18. 00.

the Venue - Madison Klub Minsk, street Timirjazeva, 9.

the Toss-up for definition of date and time of participation in tournament of each of commands is spent on the air the Radio Alpha on October, 30th in 15. 20. Personally participate in a toss-up you can to phone About desire (029 652 29 61.

Application forms for participation in tournament are accepted on bodies./ to a fax 294 27 11, 290 43 07
e - a mail: pr@bel
Inquiries on ph. 294 27 11 or (029 6 99 10 79.