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Children will be taken away to themselves by relatives

After tragedy in the street Gerasimenko there was orphans a first-grader and the one-year-old girl

On Tuesday, on October, 10th, we have written about tragedy which was played in Minsk in the street Gerasimenko. In the evening on Saturday as it was possible to find out to law enforcement bodies, 28 - the summer father of family in whom two children grow, has quarrelled with the wife. Its corpse with seven knife wounds have found on kitchen. The man was threw out from a window. When has arrived Fast the man was still live. Now it is in a critical status.

Children the eyes of tragedy did not see. Parents have sent the boy who this year only has gone to the first class, to walk with friends on street. And the girl by whom year and nine months was executed, have simply turned out on a staircase. It was found there by the neigbour and visors to itself. What will be with children further?

- Even if their father will survive, and it will justify, we will consider a question on deprivation of its parental rights, - have told to us in bodies of guardianship of Factory area. - such behaviour is inadequate, it could not be predicted. And kids could see all the eyes! Poor creatures were taken away by grandmothers and grandfathers. They and will look after children. A family at kids really decent, provided. Grandmothers - grandfathers are both with fatherly, and from a mother`s side. It is not known yet who from them will make out guardianship over orphans. But by a weekend will come to us with documents. Kids are praised by all teachers - both at school, and in a kindergarten. It is madly a pity that it such destiny has dropped out.