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Yury PUNTUS: I have told Kornilenko that it god

Victory of football modular Belarus over Slovenes (4:2) has rescued the trainer from resignation, and from a shame

After an elimination match of the European championship the head coach has frankly told the command, how it made the victory recipe.

- I have suggested children to visit a temple before a match. At will. Everything have responded, except Maxim Romashchenko. And when I in church have seen eyes of children, I have understood that we cannot lose. The father who addressed us, we have invited to football, and he saw, how we played.

It is possible to guess only that has urged on a national team: the prayer or a critical tournament situation, but the command of Puntusa tore and threw in the second time after in the first has lost (1:2).

- we did not merit such bill. It was the God`s test. In a break I have seen that heads at children are lowered, they feel fault. I have asked to play them more actively, to include flanks on maximum, and good luck from us will not turn away. Children have got themselves, have started to encourage each other. I was still put on that we will force Slovenes to be tired, after all at us on the Dynamo the soft field and that who has not got used, is necessary in the end physically hard.

We have taken an interest at Yury Iosifovicha that he has told after a match to the protagonist, attacking Dnepropetrovsk Dnepr to Sergey Kornilenko.

- I to it have told that he god, - admitted the trainer.

But there were also players whom double feeling, as, for example Maxim Romashchenko had after a match. It have replaced in the beginning of the second time, and Maxim has gone at once to a locker room, instead of to partners on a bench. It the first also left a locker room, a bullet having flown by to the bus. And a bit later has collected journalists and has told that it on the verge of parting from a national team. And here that has told:

- I was called by the wife and has told that on the Internet is written, as if leaving from a field, I have shown to fans a hand middle finger. I want to deny this information. If such numbers repeat, it will be difficult to me to come here. To put it mildly, start up will stop this glove compartment.

Than Alexander Gleb was dissatisfied after a match, to tell difficultly, but to set some questions he has responded it to our attempt:

- Not - not - not!