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Singer Alesya have discharged from hospital

And on Thursday at it in Vitebsk

One week ago we have told a concert about accident which has occurred to the singer in Mogilyov on October, 6th. We will remind: in runtime of a difficult trick (two jumps through a head, the following one after another) the dancer of ballet has touched the person of the singer. Alesya delivered in clinic of plastic surgery with the diagnosis: nose bridge crisis, brain concussion . We have contacted Alesya after a week. It has appeared, one of these days it have written out from clinic:

- Know, I as - that did not assume that this case will receive such publicity. And me it is all not so it is pleasant. Phone is broken off, friends, neighbours ask, as I. There are even people who think that I have specially thought up this history, and ask advice where it is better to make a nose plasticity. Such calls upset me. It really was accident. When all has occurred, I have not understood that at me crisis. The dancer left with me on a scene for the first time. So it has turned out that we strongly hurried up, had not time to rehearse with the new person. He has not calculated a jump, I have not noticed its lateral sight... The acute pain was not at once. So, easy burning in the field of a nose. I on a scene have asked, a leah has gone blood, and began to work further. If not hematomas on the person, I, can, on a broader scale to the doctor was not converted.

One of these days doctors promise to the singer to remove plaster.

- Already I feel more - less normally. Certainly, after operation the person strongly is ill, I do not sleep almost at night. Next Thursday at me concerts in Vitebsk and Orsha are planned. The way even should be put on the face hardly more make-up. Most of all stirs, that with the person was that`s OK.