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The hockey national team will be headed by the American friend Henlona

the Former trainer Atlanta Kurt Frejzer has left a family in Sent - Luis and has arrived to work to Minsk, without knowing words on - russki

48 - summer Kurt Frejzer has reached Minsk only from the second attempt. Having taken off from Washington, it has made change in Europe. Here adventures also have begun. The European board has appeared faulty. The plane has headed for Minsk, but from - for technical malfunctions has been urged to return. Passengers have replaced to other liner, and Frejzer taki has reached our corners of the world.

Yesterday we have met Kurtom to shake hands with it which will show henceforth road of our national team. However, communiques about Frejzer will abide in what status, yet was not. Definitively its role should be defined after a meeting with the head of hockey federation and the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov.

But all - taki such people as Frejzer, is simple so on negotiations do not arrive. It is obvious that before us a new steering national team. As to Glenn Henlona who worked with the command in the World championship - 2006 a club management Washington before it a task in view to get in plej - off Stanley`s Cup so, high-grade work from the Belarus national team is impossible. Vladimir Naumov has declared change of the trainer in interview in May. Then to us have informed that the nominee of the new trainer will be picked up by Henlon. It has constrained a word. Kurt - Glenn`s friend, they even played together in Vancouver . Henlon, probably, will be the adviser... However, about all changes to journalists promised to tell in the beginning of the next week.

And yesterday we have met Kurtom Frejzerom. In the morning it has arrived to sports Palace to get acquainted with an ice platform and to keep the shape in a gym.


Kurt FREJZER: I very much love a borsch

High, statnyj Mr. Frejzer has affably met us a wide American smile. But at once has noticed:

- Unfortunately, on the questions connected with hockey, I to respond I can not yet. Still it plainly it is not known.

- And how to you Belarus?

- I did not expect that all so will be healthy! Beautiful parks, streets. Friendly lovely people. As you! It is necessary to learn Russian.

- Belarusian cuisine have already tried?

- About - about - about! I very much love a borsch. And today to me promised that we will try... How it? Draniki!

- a leah you Took with yourselves the wife and children?

- While is not present. And how much I will be in Belarus, too yet I do not know. Children now in Sent - Luis with the wife. One of my sons plays there for the youthful command.

- a leah Truth, what in stay by the player to you was necessary to fight often on ice?

- I did not fight, I scored goals.


At Frejzere there has ascended Ilya Kovalchuka`s star

Before becoming in 1990 the trainer, Kurt has spent 12 seasons in NHL where supported Vancouver Chicago and Minnesota . Has reached even Stanley`s cup-final. One of players of NHL admitted that the fist duel between Kurtom Frejzerom and Bobbi Nistremom was the most impressing fight which he saw. Having worked the trainer in the lowest American leagues, he in 1999 - an ohm has headed Atlanta Tresherz with which worked 3,5 years. But impressing successes has not achieved and has been sent in resignation in 2002. To Russian-speaking press it became known and consequently that at it the well-known Russian Ilya Kovalchuk debuted in NHL. Happened that in the educational purposes of Kurt at all did not declare it on matches. Last years Kurt worked as the assistant to trainers New York Ajlenders and Sent - Luis Bljuz .