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214 protenstants

Believers starve already have bought a tile, toilet bowls and Protenstants in Minsk do in church European-quality repair

starve the ninth day. People want to defend a building of church which from them is taken away by the city authorities. The correspondent “has arrived to camp to spend night with the starving. On a building roof the person with the field-glass - after all once about church what for constantly is on duty - that the bulldozer was already shown...

23. 00 in camp a release. It is the seventh night on which here it is necessary to spend the night about 180 protenstants. In total on the country 214 persons starve already.

One of these days one of the starving has been taken to hospital on“Fast“. To it have diagnosed“ a syndrome of Zhilbera ”(liver disease). The man have written out, and it leaves hunger-strike.

For night of a door and a window are closed iron rolletami. Someone necessarily it is necessary to be on duty. To me allocate a folding bed, a pillow and a blanket.

- Here at us a toilet, here a shower, truth, female. Man`s it is completed. Have bought a tile, toilet bowls, we do European-quality repair.

Many sleep. Offstage the known political scientist and philosopher Vladimir Matskevich communicates with youth.

- I the calvinist, but has supported hunger-strike “ New life “ - Matskevich speaks. - I have given the receipt about the consent to compulsory deducing me from hunger-strike if I will faint and I can not be responsible for the acts. When me will take out from here, on my folding bed already is, to whom to come.

the Folding bed creaks, and I fall asleep. For the first time - in church. Protenstants almost do not snore.

At half past five mornings the person on duty lets out me outside. On a door the poster: “ If you left and have not asked to close behind yourself a door, you mean... The provoker! “

I Ask to close behind myself a door.

- Good luck! - rushes to me following.


In interview to agency “ Interfax “ on Thursday the vice-president of Mingorispolkom Michael Titenkov has informed that “ the Mingorispolkom does not intend to authorise for transformation of a building of the former cowshed, besides fire-dangerous, in a cult building “.