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In Vitebsk the patient did not have no vaccine from furiousness

the Doctor who has admitted such situation, has received collecting

that in Vitebsk faults with a vaccine from furiousness, 25 - summer Alexander, the programmer from Vitebsk, has learnt in polyclinic when has come to do by third under the bill an obligatory inoculation.

Not so long ago the poor fellow was bitten by a vagrant dog. Doctors have appointed to Alexander preventive vaccination from furiousness. Two necessary inoculations in hospital of first aid to it have made, and when it has come to prick to the third time, the doctor has made a helpless gesture: there is no vaccine!

- the Third inoculation to me needed to be made on October, 9th. The doctor has told that the vaccine is not present in all republic! On October, 10th I have come to eight mornings. The same answer. Call, speak, in a weekend, can, will bring up... But from furiousness it is necessary to do inoculations under the certain scheme! By the evening have called, have told supposedly two ampoules have found, come, we will prick you. But after all it turns out that the schedule of vaccination at me has got off per day. Now here I sit on the Internet, I search for the information on what consequences from - for this failure can be!

If last year in Vitebsk it has been registered hardly more than 80 cases of laboratory confirmed furiousness of animals, for October, 10th flowing - already 258. In the summer in regional infectious hospital the young man has died of furiousness from Senno who was bitten by a sick raccoon. In such context Alexander`s stirring more than clearly.

- the Vaccine is, but it is small, - the chief of department of especially dangerous infections of the regional centre of hygiene and epidemiologii Anatoly ANANEV has commented on a situation. - a week we transfer terms of inoculations for those citizens who need to do the fifth and sixth inoculations. In a week we expect that there will arrive an additional vaccine. Inoculations with the first on the fourth should become strictly under the schedule within 14 days. In a situation with Alexander the doctor has led incorrectly. In case of absence of a vaccine he should be converted into other medical institutions and find it. By the way, the doctor has received collecting for it.