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To Belarus false Russian money

Counterfeit thousand denominations has rushed emerges even in banks

On Thursday, on October, 12th, in criminal news of the Russian channels has passed a plot that in Moscow a certain citizen who tried to sell a pack of false denominations worthiness in 1000 roubles is detained. In total from the citizen it has been withdrawn such 983 denominations. Almost one million roubles!

the Belarus guards consider that this fact has a direct bearing on us.

- Recently in the country cases of distribution of false bank notes of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation face value of 1000 roubles have become frequent, - have told a press - service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. - for comparison: in 2005 it has been revealed only 24 similar facts, and during the current year already 81. It is remarkable that counterfeit Russian roubles were found out at sale by diligent citizens through exchange offices of currency and even at recalculation and collection of money in banks!

the Most part of the counterfeit Russian thousand denominations which have emerged in Belarus had bukvenno - digital designations IN 703 and OI 56.


Distinguishers of banknotes of the Russian Federation face value of 1000 roubles: