Rus News Journal

The militia has found the gone schoolgirls

that search for them, girls have learnt from the friends who have read

on October, 11th we have told that the Minsk militia searches for three missing schoolgirls. The statement that sisters Oksana and Natasha Giro and their girl-friend Tanja Baking have not come back home, in Factory RUVD was submitted by their parents. Searches of the gone schoolgirls lasted week. At last yesterday in the morning in edition have called from RUVD:

- we Have found little girls! And it is similar, not without participation It was found out that girls, as well as it was supposed from the very beginning, have left from the house to take a walk. In the summer of sister Giro had a rest in village at the grandmother in Orshansky area. Here they had many friends. To friends they also have jerked in the evening on October, 4th. Tanja Baking has gone with them for the company. In village of the fugitive had a good time: went crowd with local youth on discos. Once already Orsha have reached. The feast has ended, when someone from acquaintances, having read in article about fugitives, has told that they are searched by militia. Here they also were found on October, 12th by employees of criminal investigation department Factory RUVD.

- in the Evening we have passed fugitives to parents, - have told to us an opera. - the meeting has passed as usual happens in such situations. Little girls confusedly took eyes aside, and parents in perplexity made a helpless gesture: Well why so has occurred?