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In Novosibirsk there were eggs Faberge from beads

Unlike their precious colleagues not 50, and all - navsego five. Also they are made not of gold and jewels, and from... Beads and fur-tree toys.

- Long could not think up that for a basis to take - wanted even really almost boiled eggs beads to decorate, - laughs Barnaul umelitsa Larissa YUDIN. - and then behind something on a mezzanine has got and has come across a suitcase with old fur-tree toys. Here - that also has dawned upon me!

Were at an exhibition and other very unusual exhibits: icons of the Deipara and the alphabet, embroidered on a cloth from beads, ornaments and an ancient kokoshnik. And even very real (it seems, will feel a smell if to sniff) flowers. Weaved, as well as all around, from small businok.

See all it novosibirtsy can till March, 30th in Museum of local lore (the Red prospectus, 23). Exposition doors are opened at week-days - with 10. 00 to 18. 00, and during week-end - with 10. 00 to 19. 00.

the Paschal hand bell from beads. A photo gallery.
a photo: KOPALOV Andrey