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The spring has not got stronger yet

the Spring nevertheless has dared to please Petersburgers. A small crest of an anticyclone, having visited coast of Neva, has disseminated overcast. In feasts the sun so has warmed up air that the temperature record has been set up.

- in Petersburg rather warm weather, - makes comments on a situation the rector of the State hydrometeorological university Lev Karlin. - It is possible to tell confidently that the temperature record for March, 10th and 11 - 8,7 degrees and 9,6 degrees of heat is established. Last time the similar happens in 1992: on March, 10th the temperature has reached +8 degrees, and on March, 11th +7,5.

However warm solar days not for long lasted, weather was spoilt by the next Atlantic cyclone. During coming week-end Northern capital will be entirely in the power of the Atlantic cyclone. Therefore we wait for clouds and a rain. But nevertheless it will be warm enough.

in the afternoon air will get warm to +2... +4, is a bit colder at night. The background of atmospheric pressure remains lowered - 740 - hg It meteosensitive people can feel 745 mm. Long walks will help to get rid of the raised weakness and drowsiness these days in the open air.

since Monday the spring will pass to a winter harmony. The cyclone will be displaced deep into Russia, the wind will turn with southern on northern, and columns of thermometers gradually will start to fall.

on Tuesday already +1 - 1, snow is possible. Environment and Thursday will be marked by minus values of temperatures. Most likely, on Friday will start to come back warmly, but it too will be connected with the next cyclone so, the dense veil of clouds, deposits and a wind are expected. The present Petersburg weather.