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Medvedev has sent to the Volgograd region licence disks

On a table in an office of the director of a grammar school ¹ 1 blue box, in it the booklet. We open: from the first page Dmitry Medvedev looks at us. It now it the president. And when the set of the disks intended for installation on school computers (they lie in a box) was formed, it was still the first vitse - the prime minister and supervised in particular the national project “ Education “. Under a portrait a parting word: “ expensive schoolboys! These disks should serve for the blessing of your education and help with study “.

But except a portrait of the high-ranking official in a parcel there are many valuable things: 56 disks with a totality of all necessary programs - from operating systems to graphics editors. All is called it together the complete set “ First aid 1. 0 “. It also should replace an out-of-date software at the Volgograd schools, and also not to admit use of piracy programs.

Children, apparently, are happy. Though disks also have not established, but almost each pupil has visited to look at them.

- Have received only on Wednesday. And there and then began to unpack - very much it was interesting to us that inside, - tells Vyacheslavs DENISS, the deputy director on uchebno - educational work of a grammar school ¹ 1 . - Here set of useful programs, and not only for children, but also for teachers! The whole two operating systems, the collection of antiviruses, archivers and more is a lot of only. The complete set is licensed till 2010 so while we can be quiet. For two years we will have time to try all in operation and to be defined that it is necessary to reserve next time.

the Comment of the expert
the Chairman of regional committee of education Victor BESPALOV:

- Distribution of complete sets of programs “First aid 1. 0 ”has begun since March, and till the end of April they already will be at each school of region. The area has not spent for it copecks. All has come from Moscow.