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The taxi driver have detained for murders

Several months ago in Petersburg rather new kind of robberies has started to prosper: private carriers, so-called bombily treated the passengers with psychotropic preparations, plundered them, and then threw out from the car.

one of these days the militia has detained 40 - the summer native of Azerbaijan suspected of such crimes. Under the version of the investigation, it selected lonely, it is desirable pjanenkih the people voting on road. On the way he treated their coffee with which in advance mixed strong medicines. And then cleaned the fallen asleep poor fellows. Some of them already did not wake up any more.

- the suspect - the citizen of Russia, - has told to journalists the senior inspector Cyril Rjabchinsky. - Before he lived in Moscow, and to Petersburg has arrived about one year back, veins at relatives.

About similar crimes have loudly started talking hardly more than a year ago when the journalist, the editor-in-chief of magazine " was lost; the World and the house. St.-Petersburg Vadim Kuznetsov. About two o`clock in the morning on December, 28th, 2006 it has caught the car on Moskovsky prospectus to go home. Its corpse have found out on a roadside of the Kiev highway in some days.

and then poisonings have gone one behind another. On a trace of the taxi driver trading on black tonirovannoj to the nine left thanks to indications of survived passenger Dmitry. 23 - the summer guy caught the car on Griboedov`s channel. The kind driver has treated with its glass of coffee then the young man has lost consciousness. It has come to the senses on road nearby to Vsevolozhsk. Nevertheless it has remembered the car and the driver and could give evidences in militia. And here 24 - the summer Alexander who has sat down to a private trader at hotel the Astoria a trip has not endured: its body have found out in Pargolovo.

the Arrested person the fault does not recognise, but the consequence hopes to prove that it it made robberies and murders. As in a luggage carrier the nine boxes from - under that medical preparation which was added in coffee by the victim are found.