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Edward Rossel has bawled out kommunalshchikam Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg again has turned to one big stopper [video] . And any more only the centre. Practically in any street drivers risk to get to an insuperable jam.

There is no sense to construct good roads!

the Lawlessness in streets of Ekaterinburg revolts not only ordinary townspeople. The governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel too has noticed that public utilities work unsatisfactorily.

- Snow is not cleaned. The impression was made that during last strong snowfall in streets there was no grader. Even on a ring road! - the governor at the expanded session of the regional government was indignant.

What sense to construct in Ekaterinburg good roads if all of them equally on each side are filled up by snow and it is used only the central strips. According to the governor, this problem to solve easily. It is just necessary though time to put in city budget decent means for purchase of harvest technics.

- And it not a unique problem of a city! Rise on Antej look - all roofs rusty. To look there is nothing! - Rossel has declared, speaking about preparation of Ekaterinburg for summit SHOS.  

Ekaterinburzhtsy have already got used to stoppers.

Townspeople throw cars on proezzhej parts

-                 Yes where you have got out, the student?

-                 Napokupajut the rights, and are not able to go!

Drivers in a stopper in the street Krasnoarmejsky break continually on a floor-mat. Movement here bilaterial, and earlier skilled motorists went round here an eternal stopper in the street Mum`s - the Siberian.

the Unexpected surprise to drivers was presented by a snowfall and the grader which has passed here by night. The car has cleared away proezzhuju a part and has left one-and-a-half-metre snowdrifts on a roadside. Arrived since morning for work clerks had to throw the cars directly on proezzhej parts, having left only narrow journey. Naturally in narrow space there were two more cars, could not part. In a few minutes movement has appeared is paralysed, and many motorists have staid opposite to Anteja all the day long.

- And what I can make? - The manager of one of the firms which have taken place in Antee, Andrey makes a helpless gesture. - on Friday here there was a convenient parking, the place sufficed all. But snegouborshchiki at which, probably, hands grow from one place, have safely filled up with its snow, and have filled up so capitally that jeeps will not park even. What to speak about my nine.  

on March, 8th there will be frosts  

February really has pleased uraltsev the strongest for all winter snowfalls. However, according to weather forecasters, it yet a limit. In Uralgidromete have told that deposits will periodically drop out all first half of March.

Despite such forecasts, weather forecasters do not panic.

- No accident is present! - has declared the head of department of weather forecasts Uralgidrometa Galina Shiporenko. - Snowfalls are expected moderated. Though in February has already dropped out one and a half norm of deposits, they have only counterbalanced the general winter indicators.

According to weather forecasters, weather in the end of February and the first week of March will be astable. The thermometer column will fluctuate between plus and a minus, paternal on the Ural roads there will be an ice.

But by March, 8th, under forecasts of meteorologists, we are waited by strong frosts. Gismeteo promises that the temperature by the international women`s day will fall to - 20.