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In Petersburg there was a book of complaints online

not be a teapot

For Petersburgers and inhabitants of Leningrad region on Network open spaces there was a first electronic complaint book the Complaint. ru .

- who has claims to shops, to sellers and manufacturers, can voice them now on our site, - one of authors of the project the co-chairman of the Petersburg public organisation of consumers " speaks; Dialogue Vadim Ryzhkov. - We will understand under the left statements. And in the same place to publish answers. Still we have created a heading not be a teapot . There it is possible to inform about popular in a city lohotronah and widespread schemes threw . In advance to warn all people about new ways of a deceit in our markets.

On what catch the buyer

- One pensioner have forced to pay for the broken pot which it has unintentionally dropped from a shelf, - the co-chairman of Consumers union Galina Kozlovsky gives an example. Is the uttermost infringement of the rights! In the Civil code it is specified that in shop for the goods the seller responds. That the pot has fallen, the working woman who has carelessly put it on a shelf is guilty. On left-luggage offices - the pier, the organisation for the things of responsibility left in cells does not bear the tablet, too are illegal.

there are also other infringements. In the Petersburg shops give short weight of products, overestimate the sums on price lists, and sometimes even punch in checks the goods which the buyer did not take.

the guarantee for money

- Most of all infringements in shops neprodovolstvennyh, - speaks Vadim Ryzhkov. - for it one known network of home appliances Especially is famous.

In a number of shops workers insistently advise to people to buy additional warranty service. And after all a guarantee at the goods and so is, and free. Them for it even fined. But things are right where they started.

in some motor shows of buyers entice a price - sheet with the low prices. In the contract write already others to which also add on 50 - 170 thousand for value added services . Clients learn about the grown up price when all papers are already signed.

- risk to be deceived is and in small little shops, and in hypermarkets, - the president of Multi-region association of public associations of consumers " is assured; severo - the West Anatoly Golov. - before something to buy in the unknown person to you shop, look narrowly at it. If insanitary conditions, the goods are stored in it incorrectly or something else - look for other place is better. There, where one right is broken at least, another will be for certain broken also.


Where to call behind advice

Public organisation of consumers Dialogue :
(812 716 - 96 - 31 (round the clock, without days off)
(812 327 - 80 - 10 (multichannel, in working hours).

the Society of consumers of Petersburg and Leningrad region:
(812 576 - 78 - 51, 271 - 10 - 96, 274 - 27 - 28.

Sites of the Society of consumers http:// www. galoba. ru/ and http:// www. potrebitel. net/.