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The artist for orphan Zoe: the project art - building

That the general between notorious the person - a dog Kulikom and four-year orphan Zoe from a city of Suzdal? That Kulik and more the ten stars of the Moscow art bohemia will help to raise money for building of a new building of children`s home for Zoe and its friends. And then will teach them to draw. All it together is called as the charitable project art - building .
Now in the heat the first stage art - buildings : the most fashionable artists of Moscow have passed the works for sale at charitable auction. But before pictures and photos will get to rich collectors, they can be seen at an exhibition. It has already opened in gallery the Scoop Also it will be closed in the evening on March, 16th - next day Vladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander Vinogradova, Dmitry Gutova, Oleg Kulika, Alexander Petlyura, Konstantin Batynkova, Gora Chahala, Elena Elaginoj and Igor Makarevicha, Victoria Timofeevoj and Dmitry Vrubel`s work and many other headliners of modern Russian art will be sold. All obtained means will go on construction of a new building 5 - go the Suzdal children`s home.
to Look at Zoe and other pupils of children`s home it is possible on: http:// detdom. timeout. ru/
where: gallery the Scoop Schepkin`s street, 28, the m. item Mira prospectus . Phone: (495 684 - 91 - 91.
When: from March, 13 till March, 16th. Business hours - with 10. 00 to 19. 00
the PRICE of the TICKET the Input free