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At me two beloveds. But someone is necessary the third!

- me 23 years. I work as the barman in cafe. Once the girlfriend has acquainted me with Armenian Mishej. It has appeared the pleasant interlocutor, the cultural person, but married. It had a family in Armenia. We began to meet. Went to restaurants. It for 19 years is more senior me, not a handsome man. But the external beauty for me is not important. We have rented apartment. In cafe where I work, the German began to come. Once he has started talking to me in English which I well knew. We laughed, joked. It has arrived to our small town on work. It has appeared, it is married, two children and it too for nineteen years are more senior me. After work we walked on a city. Misha at this time has left in business trip. Itself I do not know as, but I have invited the German to myself. It remained with me to spend the night, but the affinity was not. Next day it has departed. Before departure it has given money for the international passport that I could arrive to it. I constantly thought of it, and to Mishe have grown cold, but felt, how he strongly loves me. The German friend has suggested to meet in Turkey. I have told about this Mishe. He has told that loves me and will wait. In Turkey we with the German had a sex, completely not such, as with Mishej. Much better! I have learnt in the new beloved kind, cheerful, perfect soul of the person. And Misha to Turkey called every day, worried. Houses I was depressed, wanted nothing. Misha for me waited: tears a stream, declarations of love. In two months has again left to Turkey... So we have lived year. I went to the German six times. Misha has not sustained and has left. Now he calls every other day and is interested, as at me business. Thanks to it I have entered the university. To the German I fly time in two months. From work has left, after all it provides me. So, near to me two men. And I understand that someone is necessary to me the third. But it is not present. Good men deficiency and with whom from a two to remain - I do not know.
- Both your men married, and any is not ready to make an act: to divorce. These triangular relations will last until you will have enough patience to fly to other country and to live, eating illusions. But once you will arrive at idea that this eternal a feast in neutral territory has already bothered. It will want to give another`s and to find the. To meet the person who is able to accept critical decisions. You look at the German a sober view and will understand that to it with you it is simply convenient. If while and stresses are not present throwings, experiences - leave all as is. But in the long term, you someone is right, necessary the third.
While at you the stereotype subconsciously operates: the man should be ugly, married and is twice more senior. Perhaps it is necessary to get rid of it? Pleasant outwardly the man pleases an eye and raises a self-estimation of the woman. Among them the same quantity correct and incorrect, as well as among men with ordinary appearance. If we think that decent men in deficiency never we will find the one who is necessary to us. You have gone to study in institute. It is tremendous possibility to expand a circle of contacts. Be not afraid to incur responsibility and to find the one who is ready to name you unique not in words, and in practice.
the Husband has made me the alcoholic
- Me forty years. It seems, more recently I was the high, beautiful and sociable girl. Now I the thick, hysterical and shitty drunk. I have ceased to dream and I do not think of the future. And all it not without the aid of my favourite husband. I have got acquainted with it in village where it was the first guy. All spoke: What for to you this ladies` man? but I and to hear wanted nothing. Already before wedding the husband got drunk, it was constantly a shame to me. I was completely not able to drink. A glass, a maximum two for New year. He was angry and once has decided me to teach to drink: gave me a wine-glass of vodka and suggested to wash down with self-race. When I have become pregnant, to us visitors with beer constantly went. I have persuaded the husband not to result in the house of people then it began to leave itself, and I remained one till the night. The girl was born. Its reaction was any: the superfluous occasion to get drunk. And then I have learnt that such change and as after it it is sick and is empty... I have forgiven all to it. On much has closed eyes, but has closed also the soul. Has passed seventeen years. Now we even sleep on different beds, but thus at us normal home life and normal sex. The husband became though small, but the chief. A daughter worships and any more does not drink. Now in our family I drink. I drink much. Female alcoholism - a terrible piece. Itself I can not consult, and in coding I do not believe. Was tired of itself. It is all?
- Irina, it not all. NEVER And NOTHING LATE WHILE we are live. The greatest problem is alcoholism because with other problems you can fine consult, having applied will power. Or you will drag pity existence, or you take the life in own hands. Having looked at the world sober eyes, you learn to take pleasure in usual things, dialogue and even by nature. That female alcoholism does not give in to treatment, is the real myth, listen to nobody and go to be coded! Your peace of mind becomes the following problem. You were ill with alcoholism from loneliness and a hopelessness which constantly torments you. If you want to save marriage cross out all bad thick line, stop to live negative past and think only of the good. It is impossible to feel the dissatisfied party constantly. Why to you at last not to become interesting? At least to itself.... As soon as you will make toilet, will exchange both outwardly, and internally, you solve, a leah you want to sleep with the husband on different beds or it is time to shift them.
Lejla, do not despair. A considerable quantity of mums which had an unsuccessful experience with men suffices, then nurture the children in aggression and hatred to a male! I - partly - through it have passed! Simply remember: men too people and it is very frequent - very good.
Yes, a shame - 30 years not married - are urgent in a whirlpool (or from a rock), or in marriage for any (who will call, the vagabond or not, it is not important)... A shame!!! To me 29, I not married also am not soared - and I am not going to be soared!!!
the Anonymous author.
Leave from this wife as soon as possible! You do not make any error. It is necessary to live with women who love you instead of with whom has got.
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