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In Perm one and a half thousand pupils remained without school

September, first, 2007 on major repairs the school 49 in Motovilihe has been closed. Has passed seven months, however till now any works on building reduction in an appropriate kind it is not conducted. Children of initial classes should receive knowledge at school 105, and the senior to gnaw a science granite at school 112.

- In this connection at teachers and children it is a lot of inconveniences, - mum of the senior pupil complains Valentina Ponomareva. - the Son should wake up earlier to reach educational institution, and children   feel; uncomfortably in another`s walls. There are even conflicts between pupils of different schools. On a building many to go it it is not authorised: only in a dining room and to leave a class on change.

And at native school for today only opened floors - and any brigade of workers. When repair for the sake of which we and suffer all these inconveniences will begin? - parents, teachers and children fairly question.

the Photo: Vladimir VLASOVA.

As it was found out, the information that works are not conducted, is incorrect. After all before starting repair, building inspection, drawing up design - the budget documentation, the competition announcement on carrying out of repair work is required. Each stage of coordination makes month - ones and a half. It was required and doobsledovanie buildings in which result it was found out that at school by which 73 years will soon be executed, it is necessary to change and trabeations. To combine educational process and carrying out of coordination it was not represented possible as from a ceiling of classes plaster was already strewed.

- In March will pass last coordination, and by April, 1st we plan to arrange competition on carrying out of repair work in a school building 49, - Lyudmila Gadzhiev, the chief of department of education of a city administration of Perm informs . - And if there will be any more no hitches on September, 1st, 2009 pupils can start to study in the repaired building. But we will use the best efforts for this purpose that this joyful moment has come earlier.

the Photo: Vladimir VLASOVA.

It is one of the first experiences of carrying out of major repairs of such scale from the beginning 90 - h years. If it was originally planned that for it it will be spent 23 million roubles after doobsledovanija to the estimate the sum of 10 million was added. So the minimum of one and a half year to pupils of school 49 should be suffered still, however the new building image for certain will please all.

- We plan full replacement balochnyh and ceiling overlappings, - Alexander Belomyttsev, the head of department a property complex of department of education of a city administration of Perm, - carrying over and dining room reconstruction, replacement of all old windows by double-glazed windows, roof repair, installation of the fire alarm system, carrying over of a computer class and operating repair of offices tells .

it is necessary to hope that tasks in view will be executed qualitatively and in time, and with major repairs of the following six schools standing on turn, such delays will not arise.