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  For the Fatherland blessing

Ceremonies of rewarding by the award of a name of Ludwig Nobel become the present feasts in glory of people on which today the course not only Russian, but also a world history in many respects depends.

it is difficult to present itself development of modern ballet without Yury Grigorovich or Vladimir Vasileva. Neurophysiology - without Natalia Behterevoj`s the most valuable researches which base has been put by her father and the grandfather. The modern literature - without Chingiza of Aitmatov and Evgenie Evtushenko, and chess - without Mark Tajmanova and Anatoly Karpova`s grand masters.

Presence of these people and acceptance of the award of a name of Ludwig Nobel by them, come to us from the XIX-th century, confirms its legitimacy and simultaneously convinces us of correctness of its revival. Today in Russia not so it is a lot of the awards having the nice historical past which authority is not exposed to doubts. To mark today merits of the people who have given work and talent to the compatriots, the Native land, extraordinary important and in due time. We speak about national projects much. And, maybe, the obligation to people creating, all life glorifying the Russian science, culture, sports or the industry, is hardly probable not the most important national project.

preparation for ceremonies is difficult. Work on the feast organisation in glory of true citizens of Fatherland takes away many forces and energy. But when fanfares sound, people whom admired and admire all over the world enter into a hall, and there is a possibility to thank them on behalf of compatriots - anything above and be more perfect for organizers cannot.

  the invaluable help in realisation of idea of revival of the award of a name of Ludwig Nobel is rendered by many sign figures of Russia: scientists with world names, professors and academicians actively co-operate with Organizing committee. They warn against possible ideological misses and simultaneously protect from attacks of ill-wishers. Honourable Advice of the award is headed by Yaroslav Golko, and author`s group of the revived award academicians of the European academy of natural sciences Evgenie Lukoshkov and Anna Jakovleva.

Winners of the award with authors of the project.

the Award it. Ludwig Nobel
Celebrations in Tsarskoje Selo

the Anniversary celebrations dated to 120 - letiju the award bases, will pass in Tsarskoje Selo. Russia and a city in which Ludwig Nobel is buried, give thanks to the citizen - the person who has based Empire Nobelej in glory of our Fatherland: creation of bulk-oil courts, development of bank activity, establishment of trade unions, culture support, care of the blessing of simple people sets to us today an example not ostentatious, but true love to the native land.

as the fates decree after 1917 the award has been forgotten, as well as Ludwig Nobel name. But historical justice has triumphed - and since 2004 in St.-Petersburg again pass rewardings of outstanding people XX and XXI centuries. CHingiz Aitmatov, Evgenie Evtushenko, Natalia Bekhterev, Alexey Leonov, Mark Tajmanov, Anatoly Karpov, Veniamin Skvirsky became winners of the award of a name of Ludwig Nobedja in 2006 - 2007 And in anniversary year for the award   there will pass ceremony of rewarding of winners of 2008.

the award lives, exists, and its revival lifts image of the country on new height.


Vladimir Vladimirovich PUTIN - the President of the Russian Federation

Elena Vasilevna is exemplary - the national actress of the USSR, art director Sankt - the Petersburg state academic opera and ballet theatre of a name of M. of the Item Musorgsky

Sergey Petrovich KAPITSA - the doctor fiziko - mathematical sciences, the main research assistant of Institute of physical problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the vice-president of the Russian academy of natural sciences

Yury Petrovich LJUBIMOV - the national actor of the Russian Federation, The art director of Theatre on Taganke

Ivan Petrovich SAUTOV - the honoured worker of culture of the Russian Federation, the director of the State memorial estate Tsarskoje Selo .

Winners of the award of Ludwig Nobel of 2007.

the Commemorative stamp devoted to the founded award.