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Directors of Novosibirsk schools fine for fried eggs and mayonnaise

Checks of school dining rooms which Rospotrebnadzor after scandal in a grammar school 4 (has made some pupils have got to hospital after a dinner in a dining room), only grow. This week checking once again have made a complaint to directors of educational institutions.

- the Basic infringements - wrong storage conditions of foodstuff, non-observance of terms of realisation of ready food, - were explained by Olga BERSON, the chief of department of supervision of a food of Rospotrebnadzora. - Besides, in school dining rooms did not inspect half-finished products from which cooks cooked food to children.

But besides Rospotrebnadzora have also more exotic writs: for example, to cooks of one of schools have given a scolding that they fed schoolboys... Fried eggs. The pier, in officially confirmed menu is an omelette - here it and prepare. It is more useful, and sausage in it is not present. One more student`s public catering was at fault, because in borsches and salads added mayonnaise, instead of sour cream or vegetable oil - as in rules is written.

a check Result: 27 administrative affairs, more than 100 decisions about shtrafovanii directors of schools for a total sum in 54 000 roubles. One more business will go to court - by itself, upon a poisoning of children in grammar schools 4 (about this case you will find a series of materials on our site).

Teachers only plant with hands - still one month ago officials from education have promised that the uniform school industrial complex of a food will be created. That school dinners prepared on-line and similar problems did not arise any more. But when particularly it will appear, nobody knows.

- We have added this idea to the arsenal, but we will not introduce in the near future it as on it additional expenses are required, and money for industrial complex of a school food are not allocated yet, - has explained Alain KRAT, the employee a press - the centre of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk.

By the way, recently employees Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across the Novosibirsk region have conducted small research - that schoolboys on changes prefer to buy. On the first place - compote and rolls...