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Bards from the Central Russia will sing near Konakovo

In traditional, already the ninth festival under the bill bards and executors of an author`s song from regions of the Central Russia will take part. As one of organizers of festival the city administration of Tver acts.
before investigators authors from Belgorod, Bryansk, Vladimirskiy, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Oryol, Smolensk, Tver, Yaroslavl and other areas will act.
for festival prepared throughout three months. There was a selection of participants from Tver and area. As a result our region at festival will be presented tverichane by Petrov and Sergey Vjacheslavov`s Elizabeth, the author from Udomelsky area Alexander Vorontsov and family ensemble of Jurinovyh from Andreapolja. It is expected that on festival will arrive about 150 participants from 14 areas of the European part of Russia. Winners of festival It is my song will acquire the right to represent the Central Russia at the seventh international festival the Petersburg chord Which will pass in June.

how to reach

the Car on a line Moscow - With - Petersburg to 132 - go kilometre (the index Boarding house with treatment Verhnevolzhsky ).
By rail to station Tver, further by buses:
Festival free - on Friday, on March, 14th, at 9, 12 and 16 hours.
trip from road service station to Konakovo - approximately in an hour, from 7 o`clock till 20 o`clock (48 rbl. 90 copeck) . Journey and the ticket to a stop Settlement Radchenko .
Or any bus following to Moscow (go from. - d. Station in process of filling).

the festival Program

on March, 14th (Friday):
09. 00 - 22. 00 - arrival and placing
13. 00 - a dinner
14. 00 - meeting of heads of delegations
14. 00 - 23. 00 - I tour of competition (listening)
20. 00 - a supper
21. 00 - a vesper meeting Hello!

on March, 15th (Saturday)
9. 00 - a breakfast
10. 00 - a toss-up of II tour of competition
11. 00 - a competitive concert
15. 00 - a dinner
17. 00 - gala - a concert of winners, students and judges of festival
20. 00 - a supper
21. 00 - a vesper meeting the Festival collects friends

on March, 16th (Sunday)
10. 00 - a breakfast
11. 00 - delivery of numbers
12. 00 - departure