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365 days of the consumer in a year

Number   repeat clients of one of the largest Russian networks of hypermarkets has reached   2 million persons. In   we found out eve of Day of the consumer in TK the Tape ways with which it is possible to achieve such impressing results and attendance.

Here tell: a leah you will go the second time to shop where to you have shown perfect indifference? We think, hardly - most likely, your foot there any more will not be. Therefore correct relations with the buyer - business thin and not less important, than correct selection of the goods. The person always should feel an attention maximum to itself, differently it is not civilised shop, and a simple exchange of the goods for money.
the most exacting buyers traditionally are women, especially those who goes to shops with children. Any trading complex respecting also is guided by them.

in To tape there is a Uniform standard of service of the buyers, operating in all without an exception network hypermarkets. Also it is the best tool for observance of the rights of the consumer.

your opinion does not remain without attention, and you have possibility not simply to demand the book of complaints of the Soviet manner which anybody never reads, and really to take part in work of a trading complex. As a rule, the person is frequently ready to share the sensations, to tell that it was pleasant or to voice it the remarks. For this purpose exists uniform call - the centre, and it works round the clock, seven days in a week.

by itself, there is a possibility personally to be converted to any employee of department on work with clients. The special program where each such reference and its essence registers is developed and debugged. The report is on monthly results made. All references share on urgent and demanding every minute execution, and on references which demand the postponed answer. If on decision-making time to the client will inform the answer by mail is required.

and if you the inveterate Internet user can come on an official site of the company the Tape and to leave the question to a concrete trading complex, or to the company as a whole. There are also other tools for service improvement of quality.

the head of department on work with clients of the company the Tape Anna the Dandy:

- In the end of 2007 we have created an internal information portal - for coordination of actions of Department on work with clients. In it the most operative information - about forthcoming actions and offers is collected. Besides, at special seminars for the personnel of the company we carry out role trainings where various working situations, including the problem are modelled. As to the consumer rights, at us the following philosophy: absolutely guaranteeing their observance according to the law, we considerably expands these rights, giving additional possibilities.

strongly facilitates life and dialogue an information Rack . At it in any TK the Tape the person can always be converted to any employee and receive the answer to stirring question or to propose, voice the requirement or gratitude.

at information Racks the client can get a map of the steady customer, activate it, get a gift map, issue delivery, be converted with the poor-quality goods, sign the contract on acquisition of the goods under the clearing settlement, commodity issue - accompanying documents, to specify cost and goods presence in TK, to learn about operating offers for repeat clients, to receive a discount under the coupon of the tenant.

this year uniform multichannel number for improvement of quality of service and unloading regional TK from phone calls will be entered. Now the Uniform information cent (EITS) has successfully passed test in St.-Petersburg.

practice has shown that this service is claimed, all works regularly, and in the near future EITS will start to work on all regions. Each buyer round the clock can call in EITS and receive the information on the prices, special actions and goods presence in any trading complex.

if there are claims on quality of delivery of catalogues or it is necessary to specify the delivery address - welcome, it will not occupy a lot of time. By the way, nobody is going to impose promo - the information - it is possible to refuse mailing on a broader scale. Becoming the steady customer Tapes the client can specify the size of bonus points on its map.   Any employee EITS is always ready to tell about advantages of possession of a map of the steady customer.

the head of department of client services of the company the Tape Maksimilian Brewers:

- We constantly spend seasonal sales. Considerable discounts on neprodovolstvennye in the end of each year are given. There is a system of special offers to certain dates: by September, 1st for schoolboys, gifts by New Year. Procedure of return of the goods is as much as possible facilitated, though researches say that the basic occasion to return is change of mood of the client. More often, already having paid the goods on cash desk, the person, without leaving a trading complex, decides that to it colour or a style has suddenly ceased to please. Any problems: the buyer can receive the money back at any moment, he should not wait some days or anyway to explain the decision. To reduce quantity of returns, we reconsider assortment and suppliers, including returns as those our own defect.

2008 is declared in the company the Tape year Improvements of quality of servicing .

Well and, of course, it is impossible to imagine comfortable abiding in TK without qualitative system ventilation and heating. The trading complex is the closed premise in which constantly is to three thousand persons round the clock. If something is not considered, in trading floors will be too hot or too cold, and sometimes and is simply stuffy. We will directly tell: not enough pleasure from purchases if tooth on tooth does not get or, to the contrary, it is hot as in a bath and it is necessary to remove a fur coat, to carry it in hands. Fortunately, in to the Tape such does not happen - the equipment in all TK much more powerfully, than it is demanded by the law.

And as to heating in each trading complex there is own boiler-house submitting to heaters hot water. Conditioners - Japanese split - systems Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. They are calculated approximately for seven years - more than a sufficient reserve.

in effect, Day of the consumer which is spent in Russia once a year - on March, 15th, in to the Tape it is celebrated daily and round the clock.


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