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The artist from Voronezh has planed presidents

Our fellow countryman Sergey Gorshkov - the artist versatile: from metal pours, on a canvas writes, on a paper cliches stamps. But Sergey Ivanovich nevertheless gives preference to work with a tree. From a favourite linden it can cut down and plane anything you like: flowers and butterflies, women and angels, even busts of stars and politicians! In a creative coin box of the artist it is more 50 goals celebrities. To plane their Pots has begun still in 1997 - m when the well-known colleague Andrey Bilzho has asked it to make busts of known people for an ornament of an interior of capital club Petrovich . As a result there there was a whole gallery from 30 wooden celebrities - Kobzon, Pugacheva, Luzhkov, Tsereteli, Pushkin, Gogol, Mayakovsky, Yesenin, Gagarin... (To all of them the honourable patronymic of Petrovich has been appropriated. Even princess Diana became from an easy hand Gorshkova Diana Petrovnoj.) Moreover, in the menu of this institution is a point - together with appetizers and hot you can reserve and... Own bust. For this purpose it is necessary to bring with itself three photos. Service costs 500 dollars, a date of performance - two weeks. Marvellously, visitors of club have conceived this service seriously, and to Gorshkovu orders - on manufacturing of busts of oil tycoons, heads of corporations fell down or is simple friends to birthday.

Boris Berezovsky stores at home Putin`s bust.

- about five Years ago the editor-in-chief of one known newspaper was going to go to London to Berezovsky. That has asked to bring something for memory of the Native land. And then the editor has asked me to make a bust of the president, on which disgraced oligarch terribly misses - has told Sergey Ivanovich. - It has then brought to me in words gratitude - Berezovsky very much liked a gift. As to me have told, the house of the magnate reminds Louvre, and in it now between Van Gogh and Rembrandt there is my Putin on a special marble support. Ridiculously!

And about two years ago has come turn and Berezovsky to pose to an axe of Gorshkova. On club opening Petrovich in Kiev the Voronezh artist has cut down also Boris Abramovich, and stars the orange policy - Timoshenko, Yushchenko, Yanukovych. The same year for the branch of club of Pots opened in Prague has cut down Vaclav Gavel, Gorbachev and again Putin.

- People with strongly pronounced lines quickly you do - two times tjapnesh by an axe and it turns out similar. It is necessary to tinker with others, some even to alter, - the artist admitted. - for example, Gennady Burbulisa`s wife (has reserved to me the first vitse - the prime minister of the government at Yeltsin, nowadays the senator. - Red .) its bust. As it was the official, I have made it in a manner of members of the Political bureau - serious such, in galstuchke, smoothed. Has brought, and it was not pleasant to spouse Burbulisa: What it it such serious, as if in the Political bureau? Make more ridiculously, at us a family with sense of humour, we will not take offence! It was necessary that gladenkogo to throw out, and to make the amusing.


Sergey Gorshkova`s Name is known not only in native Voronezh and Moscow, but also in Europe. In Germany and Holland passed its exhibitions. And recently Voronezh artist was removed by German TV reporters for a documentary film Don - the father .