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The waist falls off? How not to finish itself to operation

If a back is ill so that it would be desirable to be shot, - resolutely it is not advised! Believe, there are less radical ways to cope with this misfortune of motorists, students, programmers and almost all office ljuda, regularly dreaming at least to reach sports hall. What to do, when already is ill? The merited doctor of the Russian Federation, the professor, vertebronevrolog Vitaly VELITCHENKO tells.

- Hello! How to get rid of a crunch at bending and razgibanii a backbone?

- Dear Yury when crackles is yet so terribly. Worse if there are pains. It is necessary to survey a backbone properly. Probably, you began to do physical exercises less, tourist`s mounts of sheaves and muscles has changed, and there was a crunch. It is necessary to do exercises at least in the morning and in the evening, and it is better and among day.   knee-bends at a door perfectly help. Be engaged in swimming two times a week, volleyball, football, basketball. Through two - three months the crunch will disappear.

- To me 52 years, an extensive osteochondrosis, severe pains in lumbar area on the left side, the pain gives to the left foot. The bottom disk, on it thorns is erased. What to do? Prompt.

- Dear Vladimir, at you chronic process in a backbone. It is necessary to pay attention on pojasnichno - kresttsovyj department. Not to overload it, to exclude lifting of weight and braiding loadings. It is impossible to work, having bent forward. All works to carry out only in a corset on pojasnichno - kresttsovyj department. To do medical gymnastics four times a day. You will feel considerable improvement. Repeated repetition of physical exercises helps to remove irritation, the painful syndrome decreases.

- Me 31 year, in the mornings, as a rule, I wake up from a severe pain around a backbone in the field of a waist. On the sly I rise, I disperse, and like normal. But, when I lie, a pain simply infernal. I sleep on the rigid. Work sedentary, but I long walk with a dog, in the morning and in the evening.

- you make to yourselves the diagnosis: when disperse, to you it is easier. Therefore the best treatment - rationally picked up physical exercises. Do their four once a day. Life prompts that we should move! The most effective exercise - knee-bend at a door. Both hands keep for handles, a chest and a stomach dvizhutsja, all time concerning a jamb. And so -   25 times four times a day, with gradual escalating to 150 - 200 times. The waist will revive!

- the back, and especially in the field of a waist For a long time is ill. Pains not constants, and appear at any loadings (if long I am with the back bent forward). Happens that I go to bed normally, and I wake up with severe pains, it is difficult to turn over, I rise hardly - hardly.
Yours faithfully Maksimova N. N

- Judging by your story, suffers affliction pojasnichno - kresttsovyj backbone department. For restoration of its function you should pick up a complex of exercises. Very well from a prone position on a back to lift feet, then to lower, and so 25 times, then skrestnye the movements, exercise known for all a bicycle knee-bends at a door. Walking on skis, swimming.

It is desirable to carry a special corset on pojasnichno - kresttsovyj backbone department.   to put on a corset necessarily lying, to clasp - softly, without squeezing a backbone. It is possible to carry safely - both six, and eight hours. Muscles thus become stronger. Exclude lifting of weights. The bed should be semifixed,   pillows - low, under a neck - the small platen.

Morning begin with gymnastics. Lying in bed, have bent, have unbent feet, then rise and poprisedajte at a door.

At performance of this advice of a pain will stop quickly, and disks will be restored for two - three years.

- At me very much severe pains in a back, I the former sportswoman. I read the special literature much. And you have books, articles?

- At me about 12 books, and works, articles - more than 200. But, to help, it is necessary to know more precisely your diagnosis because people are not ill under the standard. You need to pass inspection, and then to be treated. The qualified massage with a medical pulverising and ointments, manipulation well helps. The special gymnastics not less than four times a day is obligatory, classical, slow dances in style of a tango, both etc., and etc. are very useful If there is a possibility, come to us into the centre. We will teach, as to treat you how to get rid of problems with a backbone.

Knee-bends at a door - magic exercise: both pains removes, and all muscles strengthens. To keep only two hands, a back a straight line. To finish to 200 times a day - and a waist will revive!
a photo: Ruslana the BLACK.

- Hello, Vitaly Kondratevich! To me 43 years, a scoliosis 3 - j degrees. It was converted to manualshchiku, it has directed to the neuropathologist, that has appointed massage, has passed some courses, but headaches and back pains again appear. Now at me problems with bronchial tubes have begun. Advise that it is possible to undertake still.
yours faithfully Elena.

- Dear Elena, it would be possible is much easier for you to help, when the scoliosis was 1 - j degrees, instead of 3 - j. But not all is lost. High-grade inspection that the nobility, in what departments the curvature is more in what - it is less where there are blocks and deflections after that it is possible to spend rational manipulation is necessary for you. It should be accompanied by medical gymnastics, carrying of a corset and regular exercises in-home. All is plus swimming two times a week, and you feel much better.

it is very good to do Exercises on an inclined plane, on a sliding surface. The backbone relaxes, stretched, will be unblocked. And with bronchial tubes - special respiratory exercises are necessary during walking. But I do not advise to be converted to doctors on advertising, it is better in the clinical centres.

- I had recently noise in a head and a pain in cervical department. I do body exercises, to myself massage (there is nobody more) and I drink a medicine for improvement of brain blood circulation. While results any. What it is possible to make?
yours faithfully Natalia.

- On - visible, at you strongly expressed osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone. Clinical and radiological inspection is necessary. And proceeding from your complaints, I can advise to do special exercises. For example, a ducking to a shoulder and so on. It is obligatory to carry a collar, such golovoderzhatel soft fixing, on 6 - 8 hours, for the night to remove. It is necessary to sleep on a thin pillow, its edge to wrap and file, that under a neck the small platen in one and a half time was thicker than a pillow. During a dream will feel comfortably. Plus self-massage with cooling medical ointments and a pulverising.

- the waist three Awfully is ill a year. Has made a X-ray, the diagnosis: an osteochondrosis of lumbar department of a backbone. The doctor has made a prick a preparation Ketanov in a buttock and diprospan - in a place of localisation of a pain. And all. Prompt, it basically izlechimo?
Thanks, Tatyana.

- Dear Tatyana, pains can be cleaned pricks. But the osteochondrosis is not treated by pricks. This infringement and statics, and trofiki, and backbone functions. - rationally picked up physical medical exercises, knee-bends - I already them described the most effective medicine. To exclude braiding and face loadings on a backbone. To pick up correct orthopedic bed. Ideally - on a board to put two mattresses. To carry a corset. Be engaged in swimming, foot and ski walks. It is desirable to exclude sharp and salty products, alcohol. After recover will make up.

- In August has got to road accident, has hit a head about a roof. Pains were not. And in 2 months I can not lift a right hand, I can not get it for a back. And as if - that who pulls nerves inside. I Sleep badly, shovels are ill.

- Most likely when the trauma has occurred, you had other painful syndromes. And all backbone was injured - there there were partial stretchings and anguishes of fibres, sheaves. Now they heal, spazmirujutsja, giving feeling of a nagging pain. You should do soft massage of all backbone on ways of outflow with medical cooling ointments and a pulverising. It is necessary to do medical exercises. Experts LFK fine know them.

- Hello, Vitaly Kondratevich! To me already late to speak about treatment of a hernia without operation - operation to me have made, but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully. This year doctors insist on repeated, threaten with a paralysis, but, to tell the truth, it is very terrible to lay down under a knife, without having any guarantees (and I know that nobody will give them). A leah I can count on operation in Moscow (if I will dare)? In advance I give thanks for the answer.

- Dear Galina, I regret that you have hurried with operation. I was the surgeon. But has learnt that only every fifth operation on a backbone yields positive result. After that I began to treat hernias only a conservative way. It is the whole complex of actions, and without consultation of the expert not to manage. After operation to treat you it is possible, but it is more difficult. If will be in Moscow, I am ready to accept you. We will make inspection and we will specify a situation. We will give a complex of exercises on the house. As to repeated operation, the forecast I not undertake to give. But, I think, it is not necessary to hurry up. It is the extreme measure.


That such an osteochondrosis?

This chronic disease, starts to develop from children`s age more often. Among the main reasons - a rickets, osteohondropatija, skolioticheskaja illness, it is frequent - a patrimonial trauma which happens more than at half of newborns. One of powerful preventive factors of an osteochondrosis - timely treatment at children of a rickets, patrimonial traumas and a scoliosis. On a share of other reasons drops out only 10 %.

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