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Area hymn recognised as worthless, but nevertheless have accepted

Yesterday in regional Duma once again swore about a hymn. We will remind, last year legislators though and with a scratch, but have accepted in the first reading an area hymn on words of architect Veniamin Yeremeyev and music of Makarova. With one condition - to finish the text, to clean ambiguities. The creation Yeremeyev, probably, having counted ingenious, did not begin to change, having limited to small proof-reading editing. Teachers of year - 2000, it has outright revolted deputy Vladimir Morara.

- And where completion? - Morar has exclaimed. - Have changed the termination in one word and all! And the text both was worthless, and remained. What for this hymn on a broader scale is necessary to us?

- Time has accepted in the first reading, means, is necessary, - the chairman of committee on the legislation Vyacheslav Bashkatov cut off.

- I for it did not vote, - Morar was not appeased. - I Speak to you as the philologist: the text does not maintain any criticism. And with me the Kaliningrad poets and writers agree. Let`s them listen.

In a hall in the meantime the people discussed a phrase from eremeevskogo a hymn In the west distant the Russian power . It turned out that except the Far East, under the version of the author, there is also a Distant West. And when someone has said the earth amber the laughter was heard. Any man with words: I Will go to search for a shovel and I will dig amber left a hall.

Having conferred, committee-men nevertheless have allowed to express to poets the opinion on the hymn text. Sam Simkin, Igor Belov, Vyacheslav Karpenko unanimously named a hymn detsadovskim, offensive and artly insolvent. Also have suggested to organise new competition to choose a worthy variant.

- Competition will not be, - Andrey Popov cut off the deputy minister of culture. - will suffice here

Passion were heated. Deputy Yury Semenov has suggested to consider the alternative variant of a hymn written by the poet   Anatoly Lunin. Deputies promised it to consider. Then were switched to music, having compared it to a dead march. While argued, to a tribune the representative of the All-Russia parental committee Krasnov`s who straight off has declared Hope that a seagull mentioned in the text of Yeremeyev, " has made the way; an unclean bird . The woman as a result have driven from a tribune, but she has had time to read a small fragment from the variant of a hymn. In it she focused attention on the world, love and unity of the people. It has turned out very touchingly.

the Raged passions has tried was to calm the first vitse - the speaker of a thought Konstantin Poljakov.

- I Suggest to postpone consideration of this question, - he has said.

But the dispersed committee-men under the legislation was not to stop. The law on a hymn have accepted in the second reading. From back rows was heard loud and triple: the Shame!