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How to come off clear

On Tulome all season it is possible to catch a smelt and nalima. Here only inveterate fishermen on this reservoir do not consider a sit-round gathering as serious business. A pier, have arrived by the car, all equipment in a luggage carrier have brought, have gone down on ice - and all efforts. Another matter - three days to go to a dugout, dragging kgs of 30 things and food stocks. By the way, it is preliminary necessary to make the list of this good not to appear, for example, without a kerosene stove, or, than that is worse, without fishing tackles.


Of an ice-hole has jumped out as a penguin

Pervo - napervo need to be remembered safety rules: to check a thickness of ice, not to come nearer to an ice-hole.

- As - that in the middle of 80 - h years, - is remembered by the Murmansk fisherman with 35 - the summer experience Alexander Vojnilo , - there were we with the friend on lake Aeroplannoe that on the way to Distant Zelentsy. And it occurred on November, 7th, the first ice, so to say. It was already dark. The friend Glory tells mine: Give ice we will check up . Takes rotation, and that has left at once in water, and together with it has failed also Glory. And here they - the latent reserves of an organism. It as a penguin has jumped out of water. Glory has failed on armpits, but it has appeared, what even portjanki in boots at it dry, so it is all has quickly occurred.

After that fishermen have got out on coast and on the ice have not dared to go any more.


Is patient sit on any frost in loneliness the real fan of ice fishing
the Photo can only: the Photo from Alexander Vojnilo`s archive

In - about - from such kumzhi Does not happen

Probably, to you time was necessary to hear stories of hunters for fish supposedly in - about - from such kumzhu has caught! . If the same person brags of similar successes with an enviable regularity, know are a bald lie.

- Earlier when I only started to fish, - Alexander Vojnilo tells the next story, - that often to me duped on ears about similar ulovah. At me even the inferiority complex has appeared. Then I have started to go to such places where these story-tellers did not happen at all. Well there is no there such fish! The biggest harius which I have caught on the Skin, weighed a kilogramme nine hundred. Earlier I went on fishing each days off and feasts, therefore I know for certain that it is a rarity.

the Quantitative record has dropped out to Alexander Petrovichu on lake Long.

- There was an impression that you lower mormyshku in lunku, and it rests against something, pull out - golets. As though he and waits. With 8 - mi mornings and to 11 - ti at all of us was obkidano fish.

the Amusing case has happened and on lake Gremjaha. There the fisherman on one fishing tackle with two mormyshkami has caught simultaneously goltsa and a perch. And on the river Pak from one lunki it has pulled out a perch, a trout, hariusa, siga and a smelt. Here such fish internatsional.

- But it is the most interesting to catch kumzhu, - Alexander speaks. Is a strong and beautiful fish.


What for in the winter protivomoskitnaja a grid?

Went as - that Alexander Vojnilo to the next winter campaign on fishing. Spent the night in tent of its friend Arcady Ivanovicha. It has appeared that it at all does not approach for our northern widths.

- I was worn out in this tent canvas! - the fisherman remembers. - the wind whistles, and on it also protivomoskitnye grids have appeared, and nothing closed. Through them snow flied. I which - as their bags have closed then. Next day has told: All! We dig a cave!

it is possible to get To an unpleasant situation not only from - for lacks of experience of the workmate, but also, as they say, in a kind of unforeseen circumstances - there was no length of rotation for prosverlivanija ice. The exit is simple: to have with itself a self-made insert - a metal tube which fastens between the handle and directly rotation.

the Statement that to a way back to go easier - it is not absolutely correct. Certainly, food stocks run low, however from a moisture the sleeping bag becomes heavier, besides, the weariness collects.

- On the other hand, - Alexander Vojnilo explains, - Disperse for these days as - that becomes better, on a shower, a leah that, easier.


Where to go to the beginner on subglacial fishing

If you not advanced superfisherman, it is not necessary to be equipped in a week campaign in little-used places where only on foot it is necessary to reach day two. Alexander Vojnilo advises to go on all known lakes.

1.   Gremjaha. to Reach to Yurkin, to pass through Tulomu. There on a ski track or snegohodnoj to a line a course about 12 km, basically uphill.

2.   the Skin. to Reach in Vosmusa on the way to Verhnetulomsky, to pass Tulomu. Therefrom along small river the Skin approximately 3 hours to a course to the lake with the same name.

3. Pak. to Reach to the bridge through Pak. It is 32 kilometre on the way to Verhnetulomsky. To the right of the bridge along small river Pak there is a ski track.