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Igor Bochkina heart attack

known actor Igor Bochkina had heart troubles and pressure.

Known actor Igor Bochkin (“ state of emergency of regional scale “ “ the Bewitched site “ “ Barkhans and its bodyguard “ “ the Recruiter “ etc.) Has entered one of the best capital clinics on Thursday after a dinner. Has brought 51 - the summer actor the wife, the actress Anna Legchilova.

Doctors of elite branch where at once have directed the patient, have immediately appointed to it inspection. Its results, alas, have appeared sad. It was found out that at the actor the extremely serious heart troubles and pressure. Even it was necessary to doctors, without postponing, to spend a number of procedures that though a little to stabilise its status.  

- it is necessary to Igor Ivanovichu very serious course of treatment, - physicians speak.

And At this time

the Script writer Valentine Chernyh has got to hospital

On Wednesday in one of specialised Moscow clinics, also from - for heart troubles, the known script writer Valentine Chernyh (" has been hospitalised; Moscow does not believe tears ”, “ Love with privileges”, “ the Moscow vacation ”, “ To love on - russki ”, etc.). Valentine Konstantinovicha have put in surgical branch. Physicians do not exclude that operation is required to it.