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Italians have shot a scandalous film about Vick Moroz

In a film basis the history of the Belarus girl Viki Moroz is put.

I wanted to tell about drama stories which hardly it is possible to name personal. Such lonely children in state institutions of Belarus, at least, 30 thousand - passes words of the director Ex Diaferija Inopressa referring to Corriere. it.

the film acted in film in Ukraine for diplomatic reasons. The history is told by the priest, the invented character. It goes to a trip, ready to battle with the ruthless system which has pulled out 8 - the summer baby from embraces of kind Italian parents which could give it love, education, firm backpacks ...

during travel to it there are the unscrupulous persons, ready to transform children`s homes in profitable institutions. In the ending devastated don Vittorio comes back home, and without having managed to return Maria that who thirsted to adopt her at any cost.

the Film leaves on screens in the end of April. The spouses receiving the girl, and the associations which are engaged in the organisation of trips of small Byelorussians to Italy, have already expressed the doubts in its expediency. The similar film is quite capable to worsen relations between two countries. But Diferija earlier shooting comedies, but preferring to name this work as the the firstborn has tried to muffle passions: I have shown a film to those who deals with this problem, and they have understood our plan . Has not done without usual polemic: the director and producers complain that the ministry has not considered necessary to support a film, despite social importance of a subject shined in it .


Vick Moroz has not departed to Italy

to Vick Moroz Italians cannot adopt

to Vick have brought at night and hide in the rehabilitation centre near Minsk

the Director of a boarding school have accused of kidnapping

to Vick Moroz the Italian police has found in the lock of XI century

Vick can remain in the Italian shelter?

the Belarus girl hide in Italy

We are ready to return the girl if to us will allow a guarantee to see it still...

in Italy the Interpol searches for the Belarus girl

In children`s home well, but in Italy I have mum and the father