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Seven steps to normal pressure

the American scientists have proved that hypertension development no means always depends on age, and have allocated key rules, observing which, it is possible to keep control of a blood pressure

1. Eat kletchatku

One of the main reasons of a hypertension - a contamination vessels products of disintegration of fats. Researchers from University of Chicago have found out that kletchatka, containing in vegetables and fruit, helps preservation of cleanliness and elasticity of blood vessels. Enough kletchatki for vessels can be received if to eat in day on a choice: five apples, three - four carrots, 300 grammes of the boiled or baked cauliflower or a string bean.

2. Be reserved by vitamin C

This vitamin - one of the main elements of maintenance of a vascular tone. For example, researchers from Taftsky university have found out that at people who used less vitamin C in day, than contains in one orange (70 mg), sistolicheskoe - top - pressure above on 11 points, and diastolicheskoe - on 6 in comparison with those who used more vitamin C.

But here a misfortune, in our organism it quickly collapses at smoking, reception of some preparations (for example, atsetilsalitsilovoj the acids, some antibiotics and energizers), is quickly spent at stresses and prostudnyh infections. Therefore it is desirable to use in day not less than 250 mg of vitamin C. It corresponds on a choice: to three oranges, two Bulgarian pepper, a glass of currant or cranberry juice.

3. Porridge, the sir!

Only one misochka porridge (nearby 30 g oat groats) can lower a blood pressure on 5 - 10 points as has shown the research spent at university John Hopkins (USA). In group of examinees of 300 persons those who throughout half a year ate a porridge plate every morning, have got rid of pressure fluctuations in first half of day. And the age in this case did not play a role. Probably, active role in influence of porridge on a vascular tone is carried out by soluble eating fibres.

4. It is More than potassium, it is less than salt

the Vital macrocell potassium regulates warm conductivity, on it in many respects depends, how much intensively heart will swing blood. Researchers of Templsky university have found out that arterial (both sistolicheskoe, and diastolicheskoe) pressure at people who received not enough potassium, for three months has raised on 4,5 %. The best sources of potassium - fresh tomatoes, the tomato juice, a baked potato (and the greatest concentration of potassium - is closer to a thin skin), dried apricots, raisin.

And accumulation in a sodium organism worsens warmly - vascular conductivity, contributes aritmii. And with the years sensitivity to salt grows, and sodium collects faster. So, professor Vajnberger from the Center on research of a hypertension of Indiansky university believes that pressure increase is connected with the years not with the genetic reasons and inevitability of an age hypertension, and with sensitivity strengthening to salt. Therefore, beforehand having limited the use of salt to 10 grammes a day, there is a chance till an old age to save pressure 120/ 80.

5. We will strike on a small fish

Eat more than fat fish, such, as a salmon, a mackerel and sardines. During the analyses spent at University of Cincinnati, it was found out that at people who within three months accepted on 2000 mg of fat acid an omega - 3, diastolicheskoe the blood pressure has decreased on 4,4 points, and sistolicheskoe - on 6,5.

6. Calcium strengthens not only teeth

Use more calcium - it strengthens walls of vessels. And also this mineral helps to struggle with increase of a blood pressure from - for growth solechuvstvitelnosti. During the research spent in the Center of a science about health at the Texas university, 800 mg of calcium a day were lowered by a blood pressure at 20 % of the patients, suffering affliction the weak form of a hypertension, on 20 - 30 points. The daily norm of calcium contains (on a choice) in 200 grammes of cottage cheese or 0,7 litres of milk.

7. Well, for a vascular tone!

Alcohol - the powerful factor in hypertension development. Some researchers even name its one of the most important reasons of increase of a blood pressure though the action mechanism is not up to the end clear yet. Possibly, business in vascular spasms which arise at a considerable dose of alcohol. It is possible therefore to drink, but it is not necessary to exceed norms (that Americans name one drink ). It (on a choice): one wine-glass of vodka or cognac, a glass (200 ml) dry or table wine, 0,33 beers.