Rus News Journal

the French tanker has blown up " Al - Kaida "

the International terrorist organisation " Al - Kaida " has incurred responsibility for blasting on October, 6th the French tanker " Limburg " near to coast of Yemen.

as the correspondent " passes; News " in the Political bureau statement " Al - Kaidy " on the Internet - a site " Islamic researches " it is SPK that act of terrorism has been dated for an anniversary of the beginning of antiterrorist operation in Afghanistan and dvuhletiju blasting of the American destroyer " Cole " in port of Aden.

in the document it is underlined that " Al - Kaida " will be and to strike unexpected blows to the economic both military purposes and interests of the western countries which have begun war against Islam further.

in the statement it is underlined that the boat in cost in 1 tys dollars has caused a damage in 1 mlrd dollars.

Meanwhile, earlier responsibility for act of terrorism was incurred by underground grouping " Islamic army of Aden - Abina ".