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the Quantity of inhabitants of the Chechen Republic exceeds the forecast

According to preliminary data coming to the end on Wednesday in Russia population censuses, in the Chechen Republic live 1 million 88 thousand persons that exceeds the forecast of the Chechen government. It has declared in interview " News " the minister of the Russian Federation of the national policy Vladimir Zorin.

as he said, earlier it was supposed that the present population of the Chechen Republic will be made nearby 800 tys by the person. Nevertheless, a demographic gain in the Chechen republic, according to Zorin, " did not become unexpectedness " 4 the state commission on carrying out of the All-Russia population census.

" the Chechen people on - former remain in ten the largest people of Russia, despite events of last 10 years " - the minister has concluded.

" results of census in the Chechen Republic have not so much socially - economic, how much political value, - Zorin has underlined. - They have shown that the Chechen people, despite all heavy events of last years, think of itself as a part of the Russian Federation and wants to live in the homeland ".

Essential influence on result of the census spent in the Chechen Republic, WRK on returning of temporarily moved persons from Ingushetia for last MTH has rendered, Vladimir Zorin has explained.