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Hussein has secured 100 -

100 percents of the population of Iraq were voiced by percentage support of Iraqis on the referendum which has taken place on Tuesday for prolongation of powers of president Saddam Hussein for new seven-year term, the correspondent " passes; News ".

> Official results declared on Wednesday in Bagdad the chairman of the Higher committee on referendum carrying out, the vice-president of Iraq Ezzat Ibragim. The president of Iraq Saddam Hussein " has defeated on the taken place referendum, 100 participants which percents were voiced in its support ". Referendum results, Ezzat Ibragim " has told; please friends of Iraq and frighten its enemies ".

On the previous referendum which has taken place on October, 15th, 1995, Hussein has got support of voters of 99,66 percents.

Saddam Hussein was the unique candidate on fast of the president of Iraq on a referendum passing on Tuesday.