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Nuclear fuel W " Kursk " will start to unload on November, 1st

the operation Beginning on an unloading of nuclear fuel from the emergency nuclear submarine " Kursk " it is appointed to November, 1st. This day in factory dock " the Seal " it will be got plavtehbaza " Imandra " W submarine parts. ABT it to the correspondent " News " has informed on Wednesday Mustafa the Squash, the deputy director of the enterprise " Atomflot " which structure includes base " Imandra ".

As has noted Mustafa the Squash, usually an unloading of nuclear fuel from reactors of the surface ships and submarines passes on water. But fuel from nuclear reactors " Kursk " from which actually remains three compartments (reaktornyj and two next), it will be unloaded in ellinge factory " the Seal " as that is demanded by a safety rule.

" Imandra " Which length of 130 metres, and width of 17 metres, will be got in dock where at it will cut off the tall masts. Then plavtehbazu will go in elling.

Regular process on an unloading of the fulfilled nuclear fuel and gymnastics new in nuclear power installations of atomic-powered vessels occupies 45 days at crew three-shift work in 100 persons. But in ellinge to conduct an unloading continuously it will not be possible, therefore WRK will be conducted slightly longer, than usually.

according to the deputy director " Atomflota " any unexpectedness after blasting of covers of reactors should not be - the status of power installations of the lost submarine is surveyed enough to assert that forthcoming WRK is not povyshenno dangerous.

the fulfilled nuclear fuel practically will be overloaded at once on plavtehbazu " Lotta " specially equipped 4 its storage.

for 21 year of WRK crew " Imandra " More than 40 times performed operations on an unloading of nuclear fuel, including from reactors of nuclear submarines - 7 times.