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In the Chechen Republic it is revealed three hiding places W the weapon and ammunition

Three hiding places W the weapon and ammunition it is revealed for the past days employees of law-enforcement bodies in the Chechen Republic.

as have informed " News " in law enforcement bodies, employees of time OVD Itum - Kalinsky area on east slope of a mount of Dugankort, in bush thickets have found out a cache. In it there were two automatic machines, five hunting guns, the self-made shooting device of calibre of 5,6 mm and the fowling piece sawn-off shotgun, two grenade cup discharges, nine shots 2 an anti-tank grenade cup discharge, 23 shops W cartridges 2 the automatic machine, a bayonet - knifes.

New Atagi of Shalinsky area employees of operative grouping of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have found in village in aryke the equipped cache. In it there were four grenades and 400 g trotyl.

in village Shatoi 72 artillery shells of various calibre and one mine are found out.

ammunition is destroyed by blasting. Action for an establishment of detention of persons, involved in the equipment of hiding places is carried out.

all for days in the Chechen Republic it has been withdrawn: four automatic machines, two grenade cup discharges, 10 hunting guns, a sawn-off shotgun, about 400 cartridges, 20 pomegranates, 11 shots 2 a grenade cup discharge, 74 art shells, one mine, two fuses and 400 g trotyl.

during carrying out operatively - search actions it has been looked through 15 tys 706 units of motor transport, documents more than 23 tys the person are CKed, 275 administrative offences are revealed. It is revealed and is destroyed by dismantle six mini - factories on illegal extraction and oil refining, 3,5 tons of oil products are withdrawn.