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In Ukraine strike of miners

/ does not stop. In Ukraine strike working 130 - ti the collieries, organised by trade union of the enterprises of the coal industry/ PRUP/ does not stop. ABT it " News " on Thursday the Hope Bondarchuk has informed managing organizational maintenance of Central Committee PRUP.

Bondarchuk has specified that as of 6. 00 Thursdays in Ukraine workers 49 - ti mines declared full strike, still W 81 - oh mines coal shipment is stopped.

" in what form ANY1 mine itself " will continue further a protest action to solve; - has told Bondarchuk. As she said, " the action is calculated on 2 - 3 days ". " If admonitory strike does not give results, the meeting/ trade-union committees of mines/ will be held and we will define what to do further " - has declared the figure of trade union.

Bondarchuk has informed 2 that on Wednesday the management of all mines has directed addressed to premieres - minister Anatoly Kinaha and the chairman of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvina of the telegramme W the requirement to increase budgetary financing.

" next year it is planned to allocate money EVN less, than in it " - has noted Bondarchuk. The project of the state budget of Ukraine for 2003 provides allocation for needs of coal branch on 3 mlrd grivnas less, than it is promised the government earlier/ 1 US dollar is equal 5,3 grivnas/.

As it was already informed, the basic requirements of miners are the state financing increase, repayment of debts under salaries/ 1,2 mlrd grivnas/ and increase of tariff rates.