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More than 2 tys the person have taken part in picket " For a worthy salary and social guarantees " on a number of the central highways of capital

In capital, it is literally in several metres from the Kremlin, on Thursday has passed picket of the Moscow federation of trade unions " For a worthy salary and social guarantees ". Around Vozdvizhenka and New Arbata in the action have taken part more than 2 tys the person.

" the action is spent 4 inhabitants of our Fatherland. We - for a worthy salary and its timely payment. Against a narcotism and gangsterism " - so have defined the purposes active workers of the Moscow city organisation of party " an United Russia " which 2 became organizers of the action.

" a chain of national indignation " - so participants of picket named. Among them there were representatives of trade unions of transport builders, workers of theatre, innovative and small enterprises, scientific and manufacturing enterprises, aviation workers and workers of the Moscow railway.

picketing had control over headers W requirements of increase in the minimum wage rate, carrying out of pension reform. " to restore system of obligatory social insurance " - inscriptions on posters said. Some slogans have been executed in verses: " If you courageous if not the coward, operate W us, enter trade union! " " you do not want full breakdown - demand return sotsstraha! " Many posters have been addressed directly to the government of Russia.

passers-by expressed different opinions, having caught sight of slogans of picketers. Some supported requirements holding a meeting, others frankly ridiculed it attempt, naming it " struggle properties " Which, in their opinion, " it is useless ".

the Action has passed easy, any infringements of a public order is not fixed.