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the USA will not strike across Iraq without having consulted

the United States will not undertake W/ O preliminary discussion in UNSF of actions against Iraq if Bagdad prevents a new mode of inspections. ABT it as passes korrspondent " News " US State Secretary Kolin Powell has declared in interview to the British newspaper " Tajms " published on Thursday.

under the statement of the state secretary, Iraqis can avoid the conflict and W/ O discharge from Saddam Hussein`s power. " everything that they should make, so it - to change the approaches and to co-operate " - Powell has told.

explaining the reasons of a sharp turn of Washington towards the decision of the Iraq problem of weapons of mass destruction, Powell has tried to justify it that in - the first, " there were additional prospecting data on pressing forward of Iraq 2 the nuclear weapon ".

In - the second, new proofs ABT it/ Saddam Hussein/ communications W " have been RCVed; Al - Kaidoj ".

And, in - the third, after events on September, 11th in the American administration " has come neobhodimsti to solve the valid comprehension problems with this sort of threats before they become even more real ".

the US State Secretary has noticed that " war should be always a last resort ". Washington, according to Powell, " does not aspire to war, and tries to find ways of the decision of this very much, very serious problem/ W Iraq/ ". Thus he has underlined that this problem will be solved anyway.