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the match between English national teams and Macedoniuses

has come to the end with the Sensational drawn game. The match between English national teams and Macedoniuses in 7 - j to selection group for an exit in a final part of the European championship - 2004 on football has come to the end with a sensational drawn game.

as have informed " News " in Russian service Bi - Bi - Si, Englishmen have paid for two silly errors in protection and for insufficient accuracy at end of attacks.

English national team left in the field in a little changed structure in comparison with a match in Bratislava when past Saturday football players from foggy Albion have hardly won the team of Slovakia - 2:1.

In the field of stadium Sent - Meris in Southampton was not traumatised Emila Heski - it has replaced young attacking " Leeds " Alan Smith. At the same time, after illness the mighty central defender " has returned to the command; the Arsenal " Sol Campbell who has replaced Gareta Sautgejta.

Before game the head coach of Englishmen of Sven - Joran the Ericsson SPK about how it is important to score a QIK goal. However all has occurred absolutely to the contrary: on 11 - j to minute the halfback of Macedonians of Artim Shakiri has punched twisted angular after which the ball has flown in David Simena`s gate - the next dreadful MOM 4 the goalkeeper - the veteran.

however in two minutes balance has been restored - Macedonians have lost a ball, and the captain of English national team David Bekhem, having RCVed a pass from partners, is masterful has thrown a ball through goalkeeper Petara Miloshevski.

Having inspired, English football players have continued to force pressure at gate of the rival, but have AGN passed a goal in the gate. During counter attack of modular Macedonia Campbell has unsuccessfully returned a ball directly on a foot of Vanko Trajanovu which has punched in a gate corner. As a result, on 24 - j to minute Macedonians have AGN moved in the bill - 2:1.

Englishmen have obviously become gloomy, they did not have not enough confident end of attacks, but on 36 - j to minute ward of the Ericsson all - taki AGN was possible to even up scores. Same Bekhem has executed all angular, Macedonians could not beat out a ball on safe distance and, eventually, Stephen Dzherrard brilliant blow has sent it to gate.

It seemed, all only begins, however after a break of an abacus has not changed, and as a result the final whistle of the arbitrator has fixed neutral result 2:2.

In the beginning of the second time Dzherrard instead of whom in the field there was a player " was traumatised; Manchester United " Niki Batt. Then the Ericsson has changed Wayne Bridzha is Gud playing the left flank for the third attacking - Dariusa Vassela.

Football players of modular Macedonia with firmness defended, however it is necessary to recognise that at the home team at times it turned out nothing, and their actions by times were similar to maneuvers of rather ordinary command. By the end of a duel they have created some critical moments at gate of Miloshevski, but the ball did not go to gate, more correctly, nobody could finish it precisely.

and last minutes for the second yellow card Alan Smith has been removed.

after a match commentators of Bi - Bi - Si could not find proper words. Having gathered, they named an event at stadium Sent - Meris of one of the most discouraging games in the history of English football.