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the Indian army is ready to tap of armies from border W Pakistan

the Indian army is ready to tap of armies from border W Pakistan. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " the representative of grouping of armies of Shruti has declared on Thursday the Edging.

> as he said, the corresponding order is expected during the day and as soon as it will arrive, tap of armies will begin immediately.

the decision on partial and stage-by-stage tap of armies was accepted the day before at session of the governmental committee on national security of India led by the prime minister - minister Atalom Bihari Vadzhpai.

the Minister of Defence of India George Fernandez has specified that the part of armies will be " it is relocated " only from frontier W Pakistan at preservation of fighting capacity of army on a case of occurrence of external threat. At the same time, concentrated along a control line in Kashmir armies remain on former positions.

Under the informal data, from being now at border 700 - a thousand contingent of the Indian armies it will be taken away 200 - 300 tys military men. The re-deployment will occupy some weeks.

India, and then and Pakistan have begun active concentration of armies on border after the last year made on December, 13th armed attack on the Indian parliament. Delhi has accused the Pakistan interdepartmental investigation of the organisation of this act of terrorism. Now to border from both parties it is concentrated in total B4 1 million soldiers.

the decision of the Indian government on tap of armies has RCVed the wide international reaction connected with hope of decrease of intensity in region and the subsequent settlement of relations between Delhi and Islamabad. However India categorically denies possibility of the beginning of negotiations W Pakistan until it continues to support transboundary terrorism.